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Ranking the Best and Worst MLB Logos

Ranking the Best and Worst MLB Logos

Ranking the Best and Worst MLB Logos

Brand recognition is important in today’s business climate and that includes professional sports. One critical component to a team’s identity is its logo. While fans certainly relate to the players, it’s the team’s logo that’s displayed prominently on the uniform and pretty much every piece of memorabilia or merchandise.

So when it comes to MLB, which teams have the best logos and which ones could use a little updating or touching up? To answer that question, we enlisted the help of Blake Copia, a Web designer for Athlon Sports, and someone’s whose eye is trained to find the finer details among the logos for MLB’s 30 teams.





The Cubs’ logo is easily one of the most recognizable in baseball. The vibrant colors pop with the contrasting white space, and the typography is creative and modern.


The Mets’ logo has several nice elements. I like the subtlety of the baseball stitching. The typography is strong and could stand alone, but is enhanced by the contrasting skyline.


The script font for Orioles is a great choice. The outline adds interest. I also like the balance and playfulness the bird ads to the logo. All in all, I have nothing negative to say about this logo. 


This logo has the perfect combination of creativity and simplicity. It is easily recognizable and is classic and compelling.


The Braves’ logo is timeless. It is well balanced with the placement of the tomahawk, and you can’t go wrong with the blue and red color combination.


This logo is one of the more delicate baseball logos. The font is a classic and recognizable style. I also like the added interest the movement baseball lines give to the look of the logo.


The unique placement of the lettering makes this logo stand out. It is simple and effective. I can see why it has been around for so long.


 I like the interaction between all the elements in this logo. It has nice movement and a fun hand-drawn quality to it.


This is a strong typographic logo. An intriguing, modern design is created by the interaction of the S and D letters. I am a big fan of this change in logo design for the Padres.


The playfulness of the Yankees’ logo makes it memorable. I like the historical feel of this logo. 


The unique shape of the Reds’ logo is a nice change from a typical circle option. I like the use of the C as a border of the Reds. It is a simple and creative solution.


This is an all-around nice circle logo. The blue jay is a strong icon on its own, and is only enhanced by the thoughtfully placed text surrounding it.


I like the baseball diamond shape of this logo, and I even like the typography. But I’m not crazy about the design of the Liberty Bell. At first glance it isn’t easily recognizable with the text over the top of it. I like the alternate logo with the usage of the baseball much better.


I like that this logo can stand on its own, but I’m not a huge fan of the diamonds. It looks like the design is stuck in the ‘80s.


This logo has a lot of nice elements but could stand to be simplified for legibility. I think the typography is strong, but you lose some of the elements when viewed in a smaller format.


The Detroit Tigers’ logo is nice in that it can stand on its own without any other text. However, it is a little old school for my taste.


This logo would be much stronger if it was simplified to just the Twins text on top of the baseball. The additional text surrounding the baseball is difficult to read when scaled down.


The Marlins’ logo would look more modern without the text under the M. The color usage is unique, but paired with the font below, it gives an overall retro look.


The Rangers’ logo isn’t exciting. There is nothing to hate about it, but I would like to see something a little more creative.


The change to a C from Chief Wahoo as the Indians’ main logo is a nice change, but I find the font choice of the C to be boring. I would like to see something with more intrigue.


The interior design of this logo is very compelling, but gets lost in the thick blue circle. I would take the text and the dark outer circle away to let the best elements shine. 


The Rays’ logo is cheesy and I don’t like the way the Rays text gets lost in the diamond background. Removing the diamond could solve the problem.


This logo is boring and could use some added creativity.


I would like this logo better if the dark green circle was removed. The circle distracts from the most interesting part of the logo.


This logo looks dated. I don’t like much about it. I think they should lose the stroke on the text at the very least.


The elements in the Royals’ logo are very disconnected. I would remove the KC crown icon all together and find a way to incorporate the crown in a more creative manner.


I like the move away from the cheesy pirate. But I’m not in love with the simplicity of the P. I find the font a little strange.


I’m not a fan of using the Red Sox on their own. It looks like stock art. I think using just the B or a combination of text with the red sox would make for a more interesting logo.


The Nationals’ W looks too much like the Walgreens W. This logo needs to be rethought.


The Giants’ logo looks very amateur. Some of the past logos were stronger solutions.

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