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Reds Prospect Suspended After Allegedly Filming Himself Snorting Coke


Snapchat can quickly change your life. Unfortunately for one Cincinnati Reds prospect, he'll have to learn that the hard way.

Ian Kahaloa, a Reds pitching prospect, was suspended 50 games after a Twitter account posted videos of him allegedly snorting coke and talking about smoking marijuana. This coming after Kahaloa already failed one of the league's drug tests. 

(Disclaimer: Video shows drug use) 

"We're obviously concerned," Jeff Graupe, Reds player development director, told the Cincinnati Enquirer. "We're working to get Ian the help and assistance that we believe he needs to get his long-term future to a more stable place. Were kind of putting the baseball on the backburner."

For those who are convinced Kahaloa brought this on himself by filming it, Graupe says the main concern is the situation itself.

"This isn't necessarily a social media problem," Graupe said. "Let's address the lifestyle and not put ourselves in those positions. Then from there, there is the message of that in the modern day, there's fewer closed doors."

Kahaloa will continue with rehab with the support of the team.