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Kansas City Royals Dominating All Star Voting


Usually powerhouse teams with the largest fan bases, such as the New York Yankees, can force players into the All Star Game. However, the Kansas City Royals are shocking the baseball world right now, with an astounding seven players leading in starting roles. Seven starters would be an all time record if they are able to keep up these vote leads. On top of that, Omar Infante only trails Astros second baseman Jose Altuve by around 160,000 votes, and Alex Rios is fourth in the outfielder race (Mike Trout is in second for voting).

With a little over a month left before the All Star Game, these seven Royals seem to be locks in starting roles, while Infante and Rios could sneak in or at least earn reserve roles. Last year’s World Series appearance and this season's success seems to have inspired Royals fans to vote significantly more than any other fans.

Look below for the current voting update:

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