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St. Louis Cardinals Under Investigation for Hacking Houston Astros


The success of the Houston Astros has clearly not gone unnoticed, and now there are alleged hacking attacks made by front office members of their former division rivals, the St. Louis Cardinals. The breach of data seems to revolve around Astros general manager, Jeff Luhnow, who once worked in the scouting and player development department for the Cardinals. While in St. Louis, he helped create one of the league’s best farm systems, which led to direct success in the MLB. This success landed him the GM job with the Astros, where he has continued to build high caliber prospects.

While with the Cardinals, he developed a sophisticated computer network to store all of the confidential baseball information and reports. Then, when he moved onto the Astros, he built a very similar program. However, this led some in the Cardinals' front office to exact revenge on Luhnow, believing that he effectively stole this network idea. They were then able to hack into the system using passwords they had from him during his tenure in St. Louis.

Hacking seems to be common nowadays, but this seems to be the first acknowledged attack in sports. It will be interesting to see how first year commissioner, Rob Manfred, handles this unique situation.

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News initially reported by The New York Times.