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Suggested MLB All-Star Voting System Mimics Presidential Election


While many have become outraged by the recent trend in All-Star voting, including players, fans, and experts alike, MLB Network’s Greg Amsinger seems to have come up with the best way yet. The idea is not necessarily original, but he thinks that the MLB should take an approach similar to the Presidential election. By this method, voting is only open on one day, shortly before the All-Star Game. Votes could then be tracked in real time and viewed by fans to see who holds the lead.

He still believes that fans should be able to vote the allotted 35 times, but only within the time frame of a day. This would surely make the All-Star selection much more exciting, giving the drama that would unfold. In its current state, there is little excitement and just a simple announcement of the team. However, if revolutionized like this, it would create an event in itself that would also help better promote the actual game. Hopefully Amsinger is right on this one, as he has predicted several big plays in the MLB in the past.

Watch below as Amsinger correctly predicts a Mike Trout triple in last year's All-Star Game:

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