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Outrageous National League Predictions for the 2016 MLB Season

By Jake Rose, 3 years 5 months ago
Baseball is a funny game. A game with no time restriction, built on nuance, and forever romanticized. One of the best quirks about baseball is that anything can happen over the course of nine innings.   Every season, pardon the quasi-Yogi-ism, but “anything does happen.” Every summer something happens in baseball that drops our jaws and totally catches us off guard.  ...

5 Things to Watch During MLB Winter Meetings

By Jake Rose, 3 years 9 months ago
The pitching market has been on the front burner so far during the MLB Hot Stove season. David Price signed a seven-year, $217 million ($31 million AAV) deal to be the ace of the last-place Boston Red Sox, only to see his deal be one-upped by Zack Greinke’s six-year, $206 million ($34 million AAV) contract with the — surprise! — Arizona Diamondbacks. Former Nationals...

Where 10 Top MLB Free Agents Could Sign

By Jake Rose, 3 years 10 months ago
Major League Baseball’s hot stove is already at full boil. New Red Sox general manager Dave Dombrowski is already making his mark in Boston, swapping four prospects with the Padres for closer Craig Kimbrel. Meanwhile, Kimbrel’s former club, the Braves, continue to make their fans say, “They did what!?” by trading away Andrelton Simmons, the best...

NLCS Preview and Prediction: Chicago Cubs vs. New York Mets

By Jake Rose, 3 years 11 months ago
Forget about the Cubs' 7-0 record against the Mets this season. It doesn’t matter anymore. The Cubs and Mets haven’t faced one another since the July trade deadline, in which the Mets made the move for bomb-hitting, bat-flipping Yoenis Cespedes, who has turned into a superstar since coming to Queens. Since being traded from Detroit, Cespedes has hit 17 home runs with 44 RBIs...

NLDS Preview and Prediction: Chicago Cubs vs. St. Louis Cardinals

By Jake Rose, 3 years 11 months ago
No matter what Chicago Cubs manager Joe Maddon says, not even an episode of “The Sopranos” can match the drama that is preparing to unfold in the upcoming National League Division Series between the St. Louis Cardinals and his Cubs. After the last time these two teams met in September, Maddon made reference to the popular former HBO show, wandering aloud if Cardinals manager...

NL Wild Card Game Preview and Prediction: Chicago Cubs vs. Pittsburgh Pirates

By Jake Rose, 3 years 11 months ago
It's a shame that the Cubs and Pirates are only playing a one game, winner-take-all Wild Card matchup instead of the seven-game series this NL Central rivalry deserves. But make no mistake, this game is going to be must-watch television.  The Pittsburgh Pirates and Chicago Cubs are simply the victims of being in the best division in baseball, probably ever. For the first...

Ahead of Schedule: Chicago Cubs Are Serious Contenders Right Now

By Jake Rose, 4 years 1 month ago
Eyes of the collective Chicago media were surely rolling inside The Cubby Bear, Wrigleyville’s most popular bar, when new Cubs manager Joe Maddon proclaimed, “In my mind’s eye I’m going to be talking playoffs this year,” at his introductory press conference. Maddon then later hailed for the nearest bartender and offered to buy the first round of...

Chicago Cubs Mt. Rushmore (Franchise Four)

By Charlie Miller, 4 years 2 months ago
Major League Baseball is promoting an effort to identify the best four players in each team’s history with their "Franchise Four." We selected our choices for Mt. Rushmores a few years ago. Here are updated versions for all 30 teams. Who are the four baseball players that have risen above all others for each organization? The question sounds simple, right? Not so fast. Let the...

Jon Lester Finally Gets First Career Hit

By Josh Hamburger, 4 years 2 months ago
Everybody knows that pitchers don’t hit well. But Jon Lester really did not for his entire career up until last night. After going hitless in his previous 66 at-bats, Lester laced a single off of former teammate John Lackey. The grounder ricocheted off of him and slowly rolled towards the shortstop. However, Lester ran in easily to first base to collect his first hit in 270 career games....

Anthony Rizzo Avoids Tag With Impressive Move

By Josh Hamburger, 4 years 2 months ago
Stealing any base, especially third, is extremely difficult in the MLB because of the power and accuracy of catchers behind the plate. As Anthony Rizzo headed to third base on a steal attempt, Mets catcher Kevin Plawecki delivered a perfect throw to Daniel Murphy covering third base. In perfect position to tag Rizzo out, the Cubs star simply defied all odds, jumping out of his slide to avoid the...
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