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Top 10 MLB Brawls of All Time

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10. Braves vs Brewers (2013)

Milwaukee's Carlos Gonzalez hit a crushing home run, and watched as the ball left the park. That didn’t sit well with the Braves, as it’s against the “unwritten rules” of baseball.

Gomez yelled at multiple Braves players as he ran around the bases, and was met in front of home plate by Braves’ catcher Brian McCann. A bench-clearing brawl followed.

9. Dodgers vs Angels (1999)

This brawl made it on our list, in part, due to how strange it was. It’s the only brawl that started with a bunt.

Dodgers pitcher Chan Ho Park laid down a bunt down the first base line, which was fielded by Angels pitcher Tim Belcher for a tag out. Park wasn’t very happy about the way the exchange occurred and a fight started.

Possibly even more strange was the move that Park tried to use, a jumping kick to the ribs. By that time the benches cleared and surrounded the two players, the fight was basically over.

8. Diamondbacks vs Dodgers (2013)

Midway through the 2013 season, the Diamondbacks' and Dodgers' benches cleared not once, but twice.

Los Angeles outfielder Yasiel Puig was hit in the head by Arizona starter Ian Kennedy, causing teammate Zack Greinke to retaliate by plunking Kennedy when he took his turn at the plate. This caused both benches to clear for the first time, but for the most part nothing happened.

But when Greinke came up to bat and Kennedy returned the favor, the benches cleared a second time. And this time, two teams got their money's worth.

7. Rangers vs Blue Jays (2016)

Rougned Odor and Jose Bautista were the principals in the most memorable brawl of the past few years.

In what would normally be a routine double play, Bautista slid into second base hard, causing Odor to miss the mark on his throw to first.

Bautista then got more than he bargained for as Odor connected with a huge punch to the side of Bautista’s face. The fight continued as the benches cleared trying to break up Odor and Bautista.

6. Red Sox vs Yankees (ALCS 2003)

Tensions started to fly when Boston ace Pedro Martinez threw at the Yankees’ Karim Garcia early in the game.

Later, Roger Clemens threw a pitch that was high to Manny Ramirez. Ramirez didn’t like that at all and started walking towards the mound. Nothing happened between them, but other players on the field did some pushing and shoving (or worse).

The most memorable (and worst) part of this dust up was Martinez throwing 72-year-old Yankees coach Don Zimmer to the ground pretty hard.

5. Red Sox vs Yankees (1976)

A collision at home plate resulted in the Yankees’ Lou Piniella and Red Sox’ Carlton Fisk get into a fight. Fisk appears to get the first punch in before the others reach them. After a period of breaking everyone apart, a second fight starts up that's more intense than the first.

4. Rangers vs White Sox (1993)

Hall of Fame pitcher Nolan Ryan hit Robin Ventura with a pitch, causing Ventura to charge out to the mound. Ryan was able to get Ventura into a headlock and connect on some punches. Ryan and Ventura were finally separated, but that didn't end the brouhaha.

3. Orioles vs Yankees (1998)

Following a three-run home run off the bat of the Yankees' Bernie Williams, a frustrated Armando Benitez hit Tino Martinez with a pitch in the back, causing for the benches to clear. It quickly turned into an all-out brawl, and there was no controlling this fight between longtime division rivals. The proceedings made their way to the third base side of the diamond before eventually spilling into the dugouts.

2. Mariners vs Orioles (1993)

Mike Mussina nailed Bill Haselman in the shoulder with a pitch, and Hasselman charged out to the mound and took down the Orioles' ace.

As has been the case for many of these brawls, the initial encounter is followed by a second fight. But what makes this one different from the rest is the duration. The teams fought not just once, or even twice but ended up getting physical with one another three times. And the last one may have been the most intense (and equally entertaining in hindsight) part of this brawl.

1. Braves vs Padres (1984)

This brawl started when Padres pitcher Craig Lefferts hit Braves Pascual Perez, the Braves bench charged out to the mound. Perez had been thrown at multiple times in the game, so it was only a matter of time before tempers began to flare.

Lefferts snuck away from the action, and it looked like things were going to die down pretty quick, but what separated this brawl from the rest was the fact that fans jumped over the dugouts and joined in the fight as well.