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Top 10 MLB Independence Day 2017 Uniforms

Top 10 MLB Independence Day 2017 Uniforms

Top 10 MLB Independence Day 2017 Uniforms

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For the 10th straight season, Major League Baseball has teamed up with its official outfitters, Majestic and New Era, to help celebrate America’s independence with special stars and stripes-themed 4th of July jerseys being worn all across the league.

In past years, these special caps and jerseys would only be donned on the holiday itself. This year, MLB, New Era and Majestic are trying to get their special Stars and Stripes Authentic Collection in front of many fans as possible, implementing the new threads from July 1-4, giving some of the teams two sets of patriotic flair for home-and-away series.

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This Independence Day weekend, the New Era game caps will feature a LiquidChrome red, white, and blue stars and stripes designs for each logo, as well as new American flag-themed socks from Stance. Toronto also will don red alternate jerseys with red Maple Leaf caps on Canada Day, July 1.

As always, MLB will be donating its licensed uniform royalties from all Stars and Stripes merchandise to MLB Charities, the non-profit corporation whose programs and initiatives include those that support military veterans and their families.

Here is one baseball fans’ top 10 stars and stripes-influenced uniforms from this year’s assortment.

— Written by Jake Rose, who is a part of the Athlon Sports Contributor Network. Follow him on Twitter @JakeRose24.

Arizona Diamondbacks

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The Diamondbacks will be splitting time between the friendly confines of Chase Field and Chavez Ravine over the holiday celebration, thus having two different styles of uniforms. The road, slate grays are so bad, that I wouldn’t be upset if Chris Sale was locked in a room with them with nothing but a pair of scissors to keep him occupied.

That being said, the home whites, are awesome — and actually an improvement from whatever their regular look is. “D’Backs” across the chest and the numerals on the back retain their unique Western font, but inside is filled with red and outlined in blue, complemented with a star design that almost mimics that of a diamondback rattler.

Boston Red Sox

The Red Sox will be on the road for the better part of two weeks and thus will miss out on having an Independence Day celebration at Fenway Park. Missed opportunity if you ask me. But, the road grays will still look all-American on the road. The classic “BOSTON” lettering across the chest molds nicely into the starlight display with navy backing. The red cap and blue bill is a nice touch, harking back to the Yaz days of old.

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Chicago Cubs

The Cubs are one of the many teams that will be wearing both the home and road versions of their special patriotic unis as they visit the Reds over the holiday weekend before heading home to face the Rays on July 4th. The road grays aren’t quite as appealing as the home counterparts, with the block lettering of “CHICAGO” filled in with navy blue and red-trimmed stars.

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But it’s the Cubs’ home whites that will steal the show come July 4th. The “C” logo on the chest and numbers on the back will pop with the red-trimmed stars filled in with navy blue, accented perfectly with the traditional pinstripes. The back nameplate being switched from blue to red adds a little more flair, all capped off perfectly with the American flag on the right sleeve.

Detroit Tigers

The Tigers' uniforms are so simple, yet so iconic, so it would have been hard for Majestic to mess this one up — and they knocked it out of the park. The English “D” on the chest as well as numerals on the back are both filled with stars outlined in red and white. The changes are understated but aesthetically pleasing.

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Los Angeles Dodgers

There’s something so iconic and special about Dodger blue that I’m weary anytime MLB tries to change it up for these special-event uniforms, but I must admit, Majestic has done a nice job this year — and the July 4th edition is no different.

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The Dodgers will be on the road over the weekend, but host the D’Backs on July 4th, where they will don their home whites. The solo Dodger blue script font has been submitted for American navy blue piped with glory red, as has the iconic red numeral below the font. On the back, the numbers mirror the rest of the letters and numbers, with a subtle change to the nameplate — red in place of blue. Pretty slick.

Minnesota Twins

The Twins’ color scheme is practically perfect to pull off the patriotic look. “Twins” across the chest lends itself nicely to the stars against the navy blue background. The look is completed with both sleeves being occupied with patches — the American flag on one, the Twin Cities on the other. Matched with the blue cap and red bill, the Twins will be looking mighty fine come Independence Day.

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New York Yankees

Not much about the home uniforms will change for the Yanks (outside of the cap) when they host division rival Toronto on July 4th. The “NY” logo will feature red-trimmed stars, which should go well with the red-brimmed caps, all brought together by the famous pinstripes and the American flag on the right sleeve.

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Philadelphia Phillies

When the Phils take the field against the Pirates on July 4th they’ll do so with some of the best-looking threads in the league — with lots of red. The Phils will keep their caps red, but add the blue bill. The script “Phillies” across the chest is still there, but accented in blue, while the words are filled with red and silver stars. It all comes together with the classic red pinstripes and new blue nameplate across the back of the shoulders.

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St. Louis Cardinals

One of the best logos in sports is getting a patriotic boost this holiday weekend when the Cardinals host the Washington Nationals at Busch Stadium. The Cards’ famous twin redbirds and script font across the chest will be donning an all-American star pattern within their frame, sitting atop a silver wooden bat. The same star pattern will be featured on the numbers on both the front and back of the jersey, going perfectly with the blue nameplate across the back.

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Washington Nationals

Naturally, the Nationals have to be on this list. Not too much will be different from their usual jerseys this weekend, except for the starburst pattern that fills in the script font across the chest on the Nats’ road grays. Its a subtle difference, but it works perfectly with the red cap and blue brim.

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Meanwhile the home jersey gets a little extra pizzazz with the starburst pattern employed in both the number and curly W on the front. A fitting touch given the Nationals’ home base.

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