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Zack Greinke Records First Win In Nearly Two Months


If any pitcher is flying under the radar right now, it has to be Zack Greinke. He only has six wins, tied with 17 other pitchers for 32nd best in the MLB. However, he ranks atop the MLB in ERA and is second in WHIP (behind Max Scherzer). Yesterday, he picked up his first win since May 5. Yes, it has almost been two months in between wins. He pitched 7.2 strong innings, scattering four hits and allowing no runs. He has not allowed a run in over 20 innings, spanning three straight scoreless starts.

In the time between his two previous wins, Greinke has allowed only 12 earned runs over nine starts. Save one game where he gave up five runs (the team won the game), that number lowers to seven runs allowed over eight games. He has received very little run support over the past month, which has led to his underinflated win total. Whether he wins a game or not, it seems to almost be a guarantee that he’s going to put the Dodgers in a strong position to win.

Watch below as Zack Greinke's season is discussed:

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