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Ranking the 10 Best Sports Team Twitter Accounts


Some teams just know what it takes to get the most out of their followers on Twitter. 

A good social team will make you follow them on Twitter even if you aren't a fan of that sports team. It takes talent. It's not easy being great on Twitter. You've go to be quick-witted, funny, and think twice before sending each tweet out. Finding the voice of the team is difficult. These are the top 10 teams who just get Twitter. They can each add a special something to any timeline.

10. Arizona Cardinals (@AZCardinals) - The Cardinals are a team worth following without being a fan. They like to keep things pretty light-hearted on the timeline. Although some teams fill you with stat after stat, the Cardinals want you to have fun when following them. After the team suffered a 49-15 playoff loss to the Cardinals, they joined in on the internet fun by giving the peoople what they wanted... the crying Jordan meme.

9. Memphis Grizzlies (@memgrizz) - In some circles, the Memphis Grizzlies team is overlooked. From personal experience, it's hard to overlook their #BlessYourHeart tweets. The Grizzlies are like the funny, down to earth friend you tell your other friends to follow because it's just that great. They reference "The Sandlot" from time to time and there's really no beating that.

8. LA Kings - (@LAKings) - The Kings are a gem in the world of social media. They have people following them who aren't even hockey fans, but simply love the witty repartee of the account. They've clapped back at Conan O'Brien, random fans, and whoever else dares to tweet them something snarky. Definitely the kings of the social hockey world.

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7. Portland Trail Blazers (@trailblazers) - Sure, the Trail Blazers are on the west coast but that doesn't give you a reason to sleep on them. They are definitely among of the best of the west. They've got the Portland hipster attitude down pact and won't hesitate to aim it at those Eastern Conference teams who step out of line. In the words of their social team, "Dame Over". 

6. Atlanta Falcons (@AtlantaFalcons) - The Falcons have never been a team to slack off on social media. They keep things moving with funny tweets and even have some witty comebacks if you mention them with something negative. But for the most part, they're just trying to have fun. That's the Atlanta in them. When Jeanna Thomas (a Falcons beat writer) made a little joke on Twitter, it quickly blew up thanks to a snappy reply by the Falcons' account.

5. Golden State Warriors (@warriors) - It's hard not to be good when you have Steph Curry in your corner. The social media gems sometimes just write themselves. The team got a big boost from winning the championship, and now it seems as if all eyes are on the Warriors these days. Not too far off from the team on the court, entertaining and fun to watch. Players are an intricate part of social working and thanks to Curry & Co., the Warriors Twitter is always a sight to see. It's the simple things the team does that makes them stand out. 

4. Chicago Cubs (@Cubs) - The Cubs social team must have a sense of humor and a thick skin because of the World Series title drought. Luckily, they are well-equipped to handle anything you throw at them and they're pretty funny too. It's hard for a baseball team to be snarky since the game is so traditional but the Cubs find a nice balance. Once they get that World Series win, you won't be able to tell them anything.

3. Clemson Football (@ClemsonFB) - Say what you will about Clemson, no team in college football has made a bigger impact than the Tigers this past season. They were No. 1 on our Best College Football Twitter Accounts, and had a great year on the field while their social media team killed it off the field. Dancing Dabo Swinney sometimes just does the job for them. Adding the graphics, music, etc. is just the icing on the cake. The Tigers are engaging, make great vines, and simply put, they are the best college football team you could follow. 

2. Atlanta Hawks (@ATLHawks) - The Falcons aren't the only Atlanta squad with an awesome social team. The Hawks stay true to Atlanta in every sense of the word. When they were on a crazy winning streak, they added W's to their Twitter name and even received special permission to get some extra characters. Happy birthdays with fun photos, Swipe Right on Tinder night, the Korver Kounter, and many other social interactions push the Hawks to the top of the list. 

1. Carolina Panthers (@Panthers) - The 2015 NFL season was socially owned by the Panthers. The team did an amazing job year-round. So many times I've seen people on Twitter saying "whoever does the Panthers' social media deserves a raise". That's true. The Panthers social team earned every bit of their salary from their engagement with fans to the hilarious gifs. The Panthers have the ultimate "don't care" attitude. If you ask any person working in social media, that is the best approach you could take to Twitter. 

Also, an underlying concept of this Twitter list is also that Darren Rovell makes himself and his #brand easy targets for sports teams to go after.