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What major league pitcher hit the most home runs?


What major league pitcher hit the most home runs? 

— Larry Luttrell, Lubbock, Texas

Wes Farrell, who played primarily for the Cleveland Indians and Boston Red Sox during his 15-year career, which began in 1927, hit 38 career home runs, two of them as a pinch-hitter. Farrell clubbed walk-off home runs on consecutive days in 1935, one of which was a three-run bomb as a pinch-hitter that gave Lefy Grove a 7-6 win. Bob Lemon (37), Red Ruffing (36), and Earl Wilson and Warren Spahn with 35 apiece follow Farrell on the all-time list. You can tell from the decades-long span since those players played that pitchers don’t hit ’em like they used to. Bob Gibson of the Cardinals is the only pitcher who played past 1970 who had as many as 20 career clouts (he hit 24).

— Charlie Miller, Editorial Director