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10 Worst NASCAR Paint Schemes of All Time

10 Worst NASCAR Paint Schemes of All-Time

10 Worst NASCAR Paint Schemes of All-Time

1994 No. 43 Black Flag/French's Pontiac Grand Prix - Rodney Combs

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I would have loved to have been a fly on the wall when this brilliant paint scheme was pitched to the marketing executives. It is actually frightening that more than one person agreed that it was a great idea to combine bug spray with mustard. Delicious!

2001 No. 88 UPS Ford Taurus - Dale Jarrett

There is nothing quite like the worst shade of brown ever created paired up with a really bad flame job. Nothing!

2004 No. 49 CALL ATT Dodge Intrepid - Ken Schrader

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Even at the height of his career, I’m not sure Carrot Top made for the ideal candidate to pitch phone service to the NASCAR demographic. Apparently some genius at AT&T thought otherwise. I’m sure their sales went through the roof.

1978 No. 6 Marty Robbins Dodge Magnum - Marty Robbins

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Marty Robbins is best known as a legendary country music singer. He was also a pretty good race car driver. Based on this choice of paint scheme (promoting himself, of course), Robbins' talents ended there. 

1998 No. 9 Cartoon Network Ford Taurus - Lake Speed

Yaba-Daba-Ugly! This entry from the Cartoon Network in 1998 has every element possible to qualify as one of the worst paint schemes in NASCAR history. No wonder Fred Flintstone looks ticked off. Sadly, this wasn't the only truly terrible paint scheme displayed on the No. 9 car that season.

1998 No. 94 Get Back With Big Mac Ford Taurus - Bill Elliott

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What do NASCAR, psychedelic tie-dye and the McDonalds’ Big Mac all have in common? Absolutely nothing, but they do combine to make for one fugly race car.

1999 No. 94 Toy Story 2 Ford Taurus - Bill Elliott

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Poor Bill Elliott, he obviously had a rough couple of years in the 94 car. This ridiculous looking monstrosity from 1999, promoting Toy Story 2, frightened children and adults alike.

2007 No. 41 Premier Mortgage Ford Fusion - Josh Clemons

This gem is actually from the ARCA series, but it is just too good (or in this case, too bad) to leave off the list. It definitely hits on all the necessary criteria to qualify as one of the worst paint schemes ever.

2000 No. 3 Goodwrench Peter Max Chevy Impala - Dale Earnhardt

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Nothing screams “Intimidator” quite like this pastel clad, Punky Brewster inspired, paint scheme from 2000. Every time I see this car, I wonder how Dale Earnhardt REALLY felt about having to drive a car designed by a pre-school class. It is certainly a big departure from Earnhardt’s traditional “Man in Black” theme.

2014 No. 60 Roush Ford Mustang - Travis Pastrana

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A 15-year-old skateboarder from 1987 called; he wants his bedroom decor back. Notorious daredevil and X-Games star Travis Pastrana is known for his quirky sense of humor and style, but his 2014 paint scheme went over about as well as his short-lived NASCAR career.