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Confusion reigns on Twitter as rain delays Daytona 500


What happens when the Daytona 500 goes to a rain delay and FOX decides to re-air the previous year’s race?

When confused viewers take to social media, Twitter hilarity ensues.

The Daytona 500 was red flagged at 2:12 pm EST due to heavy rain in Daytona Beach, Fla. After some live coverage of the delay and quickly running out of content, FOX simply re-aired the 2013 edition of the Great American Race.

Steve Luvender (@steveluvender) took to Twitter, retweeting over three hours worth of viewers who had been fooled into thinking what they were watching was live. It’s unclear why FOX did not “stamp” the screen with a “REPLAY” designation, but we’re glad they didn’t.

Thank you for this brilliance, Steve. Now sit back and observe quickly it can all go wrong .... and the majesty of a confused viewing audience:

Not surprisingly, Danica Patrick got a lot of play. The best part of the above tweet? Danica finished eighth last year, not ninth. Fricking unbelievable, indeed.

As with any new season, drivers, numbers, sponsors come and go. Thus, no 500 run this year for Jeff Burton and Mark Martin — just to clear up any confusion. And that 3 car? Yeah, I heard something about it returning as well…

Actually, Meagan, the really cool people knew better.

Wrong 500 AND wrong sport!

Hanging with the big boys in the motor coach lot, that is.

Why yes, yes it is.

And the crème de la crème … FOX News (yes, the same organization that pays millions to broadcast NASCAR) claims to be fair and balanced, but that's a tall order when they obviously weren't keeping track of the day's events: