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10 "WTH?" Moments in NASCAR Television


Dale Jr. gets caught up in the moment

For those who feel that Dale Earnhardt Jr. has gone too corporate, you'll always have this little gem. After winning at Talladega for the fifth time in his then short career, Earnhardt’s exuberances got the better of him. The 25-point fine would prove costly, as it may have provoked him to make an ill-advised move in Atlanta a couple of weeks later that would cost him a chance at the Cup. By the way, the most overlooked part of Junior’s Victory Lane interview is the line “Man, we just smoked ‘dem guys that was on ‘dem old tires!” Man, it still doesn’t look right seeing him in anything but a red Budweiser Chevrolet.

by Vito Pugliese

Robby and Mikey in Loudon ... Again

You’d find few people that don’t have something nice to say about Michael Waltrip. Sure, Clint Bowyer may have deemed his current car owner the “worst driver in NASCAR” a couple of years ago, but at least he didn’t cuss him out on TV. Although it’s been a few years since Bill Webber has called a NASCAR race, he still leads the league in apologizing for language during a live racing broadcast.

by Vito Pugliese

Earnhardt's "Purple Shirt" Interview

How many times over the years have we seen footage of that black No. 3 car turning people at short tracks or executing the bump and run? It helped sell a lot of t-shirts and created a persona that earned him far more than any of his seven championships. However, when the favor was returned, “The Intimidator” became “The Irritated-or.” Exhibit A: This interview with Dr. Dick Berggren. Thankfully, Bob Jenkins’ winning call was made prior to flat screen HDTVs, otherwise many would have shattered during the live broadcast.

by Vito Pugliese

DW wins his 500

Never a man at a loss for words, Darrell Waltrip’s victory in The Great American Race in 1989 is one of the most iconic interviews in the sport. After 17 years of trying, driving car No. 17, in pit stall No. 17, on February, 17th, it must have been a complete coincidence … correct? Sorry, no cussing or going off here.

by Vito Pugliese

The Greatest Invocation in History

Joel Osteen, take lesson! Looking for a seasonally appropriate pre-Thanksgiving Day prayer this week in the wake of the NASCAR season wrapping up? Look no further than the invocation at the Nashville Superspeedway Nationwide race in 2011. Pastor Joe Nelms, a good ol' Tennessee boy, should be invited to every major sporting event to deliver equally inspiring words.

by Vito Pugliese

Yeah, It's All the Media's Fault

What compilation of videos of guys going off would be complete without a few words from Kurt Busch? These were at New Hampshire in 2009, after a botched pit stop and contact with the No. 6 car of David Ragan. Might want to fire up the ear buds for this one, folks. Especially if you’re sitting in the cubicle. The only question: Which is better, the random screaming or the Einstein line?

by Vito Pugliese

Bad (Mouth) Brad

Looks like a little of Kurt Busch must’ve rubbed off on BK during their tenure together at Penske Racing. Following Halloween Havoc at Phoenix a couple of weeks ago, Brad Keselowski went off regarding some of the comments made about him by his fellow drivers for refusing to lose the championship and racing hard against Jimmie Johnson the week before in Texas. What a coincidence, as “Refuse To Lose” was the motto of Jeff Gordon’s Ray Evernham-led championship teams of the mid- to late ‘90s. Normally as cool as Brad normally appears to be, this session was evidence that the pressure was starting to build a little — and was perhaps the vent session he needed.

by Vito Pugliese

Kimi Raikkonnen: Cold Blooded

Kimi Raikkonnen made a start in the Camping World Truck Series in 2011, so I guess this counts. They don’t call him the Ice Man for nothing. He a stone cold killa. Say what you want about Kurt Busch … at least he doesn’t go Terry Tate on the smallest of fans.

by Vito Pugliese

They Weren't always quasi-teammates

Smoke and Three-Time (at the time) get into it after a first-lap incident at Watkins Glen, when Tony Stewart put Jeff Gordon into the Armco barriers through the esses. A grainy video, but note one of Gordon’s crewmen is Steve Letarte. Also audible is Stewart’s suggestion that if he would “speed up, you wouldn’t have that problem.” Classic Smoke.

by Vito Pugliese

Denny vs. Brad, 2009

When Brad Keselowski first came on the scene, he ruffled some feathers. A few drivers accused him of racing and “trying” too hard. When your family has faced losing everything, that tends to make you a little more aggressive and try harder than some might normally. Note the prophetic words from Dennis at 3:05. Guessing this is probably crocheted on a pillow somewhere in the No. 2 hauler.

by Vito Pugliese

Meanwhile, Back in the Booth...

Sometimes, it's not the drivers that make for the most entertaining soundbites. Here's a short selection of your favorite television personalities having a hard day — highlighted by a hilarious outtake of @MartySmithESPN. We love ya, Marty.