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10 Greatest Basketball Advertising Campaigns of All-Time


10. Nike: Air Jordan I

This might be less of a campaign and more of an ad, but the original Air Jordan Nike commercial was brilliant. The campaign was simple, direct and to the point — which was that Nike’s new shoe centered around Jordan was going to change the game. And the NBA added to its mystic by banning the footwear roughly one month after it was released.

9. Adidas: Fast Don't Lie

I may be the only one who loves this campaign, but anytime Ken Jeong is on screen, I am paying attention. One of the hilarious stars of "The Hangover" stars in Adidas Fast Don’t Lie campaign adorned in glamourous clothing, jewelry and, of course, shoes. He sings with Dwight Howard and tries to hoop with Derrick Rose. What makes him fast? “He’s freaky. Freaky like my lady pyramid!” Hilarious.