The 10 Most Demeaning Basketball Highlights of the Summer

This summer's basketball has been more fun that NBA basketball.

By Saul Hutson

Since NBA teams aren’t allowed to contact their stars during the lockout, your favorite pros have spent their downtime risking career-ending injuries at the local Y. It all came to a head this weekend when the country’s two most prominent pro-am leagues faced off and Kevin Durant’s Goodman League squad (Washington, DC) knocked off the Drew League team (Los Angeles) led by Brandon Jennings.

The game was intense, competitive and not nearly as enjoyable as watching NBA All-Stars embarrassing lesser talent in front of someone with a flip-cam. For that, just keep clicking through our list of the most demeaning basketball highlights of the summer.

10. Brandon Jennings will dribble off of anything…including your face

When he’s not bouncing the ball off of faces, he’s tossing the ball through his opponents’ legs

9. Deron Williams locks up the University of Illinois alumni game MVP award in one play.

We don’t think that’s legal in Turkey.

8. Kevin Durant does real-life NBA Jam impression, hits five consecutive DEEP three-pointers

Take note, Western Conference teams. The most effective way to stop the league’s two-time defending scoring champ when he’s on a roll is to have the fans storm the court until the game is called. 

7. LeBron Posterizes Helpless Child

This clip is the perfect microcosm for LeBron’s career: take it to the rim for a highlight dunk over a helpless opponent, wind up losing in the end anyway.

6. D-Wade Swats A Child

If the Heat didn’t seem evil enough already, here’s their other star punching an innocent child’s shot in a totally meaningless camp game of Knockout. This is probably what LeBron and D-Wade do to Chris Bosh during Heat practice. 

5. JR Smith Stuffs A Child

Apparently NBA players snuffing out shots by toddlers became quite popular this summer. Smith would fit right in with the Heat with those intense celebratory low fives.

4. Cleveland's Highlight of the Summer

Unlike the rest of these, this one didn’t exactly work out in the NBA’s favor. It’s also pretty much porn for Cavaliers fans.

3. Michael Jordan is Still Dunking

We know it’s a little sad, but he’s 48. When we’re 48, we just hope we can still pee standing up.

2. Michael Beasley Mushes A Heckler In The Face

If this happened in a real NBA game with David Stern watching, Beasley would be kicked out of the league for good. Unfortunately, it happened during an exhibition, so he still has to play for the Timberwolves when the lockout is lifted.

1. Stan Van Gundy Goes From Love Handles To Mad Handles

SVG has mad handles from The Basketball Jones on Vimeo.

We’d like to say this is the most athletic thing a Van Gundy has ever done on a basketball court, but it’s gonna take a lot more than a couple spin moves to top Jeff’s rodeo ride on Alonzo Mourning’s leg.

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