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50 Funny Fantasy Basketball Team Names


The NBA season is upon us (yes, a full one this year), and it’s time to name your 2012-13 fantasy basketball team. It’s difficult to win a championship in your league each season, but you can have the best team name every year. Our goal was to stay above board for the most part, so we’ll leave the Chris Kaman-inspired names to you. Here’s our list, in no particular order of swag.

Kawhi, Maybe

Don’t Bring Guns to Arenas

Blake Gryffindor

Pippen Ain't Easy

Ibaka Flocka Flame

Dirks Digglers

Bosh Spice

Power Grangers

Rose Before Hoes

Ever been in a Turkoglu prison?

Temporary Linsanity

Honeycutt Boo Boo (Sorry Tyler.)

Durant Durant

Redick in a box

Deng Girl!

Wait a Mehmet

2 Hansbroughs, 1 Cup

Hold the Mayo

Shot of Jamison

Divac School of Flop (Vlade would not like these new rules.)

Hide ya Kidd, Hide Dwight

Hinrich Maneuver

50 Shades of Aaron Gray

Let's Get Tropical (The NBA needs Jackie Moon.)

Fab 5 Melo

Maggette & Meatballs

Landry Fields Forever

K. Love and Special Sauce

Lil Wayns (We’re pulling for Maalik to make the 76ers.)

Radio Shaq


Be all you Camby

Zeller Dwellers

7-10 Splitter (No clue if the Spurs forward likes to bowl.)

Yao know what I Ming

Grand Theft Rondo

I Noah Can

That’s Amar’e

Kobe! (For you old-school Chappelle Show fans. That ‘love contract’ skit was hilarious.)

Count of Monta Ellis

Out of My Teague

Head-on Collison

Forgetting Kendall Marshall

Me and World B. Free (Gotta love one of the NBA’s all-time top names and personalities.)

Metta World Peace Pipe

Por Favors

Man Walks into a Barea

Coca Scola

Kobe Wan Kenobi

Van Gundy’s Combover

---By Patrick Snow (@AthlonSnowman)