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Anthony Davis Receives NBA's Richest Extension

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Before the free agency period explodes, the New Orleans Pelicans have made sure to wrap up Anthony Davis to ensure that he will be with the team long-term. In a five-year extension that will begin next year, the max deal will give him the league’s richest contract. From 2016-2021, Davis will rake in around $145 million, averaging out to about $29 million a year.

The power forward was among the league’s best, ranking in the top five in WAR, points, and blocks. At only 22, the young superstar seems only to have an upward trajectory over the course of his contract. He looks to lead the team further into the playoffs, as they were knocked out by the eventual champion Warriors this year. Broken down more, Davis will make about $350,000 a game, or just under $10,000 per minute played.

Take a look at some top plays below and see why he's getting paid so much:

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