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Ayesha Curry Calls Out Stephen A. Smith For Comparing Her to LeBron James' Wife


The Ayesha Curry dominoes just keep falling.

Stephen A. Smith spoke on ESPN's "First Take" about Steph Curry's wife, specifically her Twitter actions from Game 6. Steph fouled out and she began to tweet that the NBA was rigged for a Game 7. Ayesha's actions of somewhat inserting herself into the game is what caused a firestorm of backlash for her. 

Smith makes a comparison to LeBron James' wife, Savannah, and the fact that she never tweets when LeBron is scrutinized.

Mrs. Curry was not going to let that go lightly. After seeing the clip, Ayesha called out Smith for his comparison of the two.

Ayesha probably should've waited until Smith was off the air, because it gave him time to respond to her tweet. 

There have been way to many outside issues when it comes to this NBA Finals that plenty of people are just waiting for it to be over.