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Bay Area Teacher Wants Steph Curry to Stay Away From His School

Bay Area Teacher Wants Steph Curry to Stay Away From His School

Bay Area Teacher Wants Steph Curry to Stay Away From His School

Steph Curry is one of the most well-received players in the NBA. He's one of those all-around good guys that even if he's not on your team, you can't help but to root for.

That's why when a Bay Area teacher wrote a letter to the MVP asking him not to come to his school, Warriors fans didn't react well. Matt Amaral is a Warriors fan as well, but he writes about his reasoning for asking Curry to distance himself from his school. 

"When you get involved in soup kitchens, wrap Christmas presents for needy kinds, and build homes for the homeless I am inspired. But where those kids of civic-minded activities have clear benefits, I have to tell you something that you probably haven't heard: Coming to poor high schools like mine isn't going to help any of these kids out, in fact, it might make things worse."

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Amaral says that having Curry there could give a false sense of success. Kids dream, but being Curry isn't an option.

"What you will do is shoot some threes, dazzle everyone with your dimples, high five the homies, and sign some autographs. It will be wonderful. At least, it will seem like that at first. But what you won't see is the fact that most of these kids don't have a backup plan for their dream of being you. If you ask the boys on my campus what they are going to be when they get older, the answer will involve a sport. They will claim they are going to play in the NBA or NFL, and seeing you there will make them think they can actually do it."

Amaral somewhat has a point, but it's almost like he's telling kids not to dream. That's impossible. I'm sure Nate Robinson or Spud Webb had people telling them the same things: "Don't dream too big because that's not possible for you."

Warriors fans have commented on the letter, but the teacher wants everyone to know he's a huge Warriors fan. He just doesn't want the MVP near his school.

Read the whole letter here.