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Blake Griffin Gets Into Scuffle, Has Incredible Dunk (Video)

Blake Griffin Gets Into Scuffle, Has Incredible Dunk

Blake Griffin Gets Into Scuffle, Has Incredible Dunk

It was an eventful weekend for Los Angeles Clippers MVP candidate Blake Griffin. Friday, he was on the wrong end of a hard foul committed by Utah Jazz forward Trevor Booker, with whom Griffin has a colorful history. Booker hit Griffin with a little extra mustard as he went to the rim, and Blake wasn’t happy about it:

These two previously engaged in extra-physical rasslin' when Booker was with the Washington Wizards, trying to deny Griffin his space in the lane. Booker quickly collected fouls in the game, later saying that Griffin was the beneficiary of “superstar treatment” from the refs.

After Friday’s game, Clippers coach Doc Rivers said that Griffin receives more cheap shots than anyone in the league. Griffin himself, according to Orange County Register,said he would “probably” retaliate for one of these brash fouls eventually.

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Then, on Saturday, Griffin reminded us just how majestic he can be in the open court:

Note Denver Nuggets big man Timofey Mozgov, trailing the play, reticent to step into Blake’s path. It’s the preseason, yes, but this lapse is also a reminder that Mozgov was one of Griffin’s original, most indelible posterization victims. That sensational tomahawk, delivered during his rookie season, was the play that announced Griffin as a new, rising superstar to many fans of the league. It’s not hard to see why Booker would want to avoid wearing Blake’s dunce hat and becoming Griffin’s latest clickable YouTube patsy.

Love him or hate him, Griffin has become one of the more integral figures in the league. He’s a magnet for viral attention with his thunderous, artistic style, which is no ruse; pretty and awesome as Griffin looks on the court, he’s also just flat effective. Blake has a strong overall game now, and he’s one of the best ballers in the world. Lesser players like Booker are always going to swat away at the kind of basketball unicorn the Clippers’ superstar is — let’s just hope that nothing happens to deprive us of Griffin’s glitz.

— John Wilmes