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Browns Safety Damarious Randall Promises Fans Millions in Jerseys if Cavaliers Win NBA Finals


Some people believe the Warriors will beat the Cavaliers in the NBA Finals and it won't even be a close battle. 

Cleveland Browns' Damarious Randall decided to get in on the action by tweeting that he would purchase jerseys for everyone who retweets his tweet if the Cavaliers do end up winning it all. As of now, the tweet has more than 200,000 retweets and counting. At about $100 a jersey, this tweet could come back to bite him if LeBron James & the Cavaliers can pull this off. 

When the numbers first started climbing people began to question the sincerity of the original tweet, but Randall doubled down on his stance that he will deliver on his promise. 

Either Randall is extremely confident in the Warriors or he's just likes giving millions away. More than likely, it's probably the former.