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Canadians Upset With Dwyane Wade For Shooting During National Anthem


Basketball players have to respect the national anthem, even if it isn't their own.

Dwyane Wade is catching heat from Canadian fans after shooting around during the country's anthem. Players and coaches are supposed to stand and observe during the anthems.

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People took immediate notice of the Heat star's actions.

Wade issued a statement about the incident, stating that disrespect was not his intention.

"It's something that I do before every game that I prepare for, and I've been doing it my whole career," Wade told ESPN. "So I understand whatever is said from that standpoint, but I'm not a disrespectful person. So if anybody thinks I'm being disrespectful towards a country, then they have no idea of who Dwyane Wade is."

Toronto politician Norm Kelly had an interesting idea for the next game.