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Charles Barkley Apologizes to Draymond Green for Saying He Wanted to Punch Him in the Face


Charles Barkley says a lot of things on television, many of which he has no regrets about. 

Recently on an episode of TNT's Inside the NBA, Barkley stated that he wanted someone to punch Draymond Green in the face mostly for being an annoying player. The Warriors star didn't respond until after the game, but his mother picked up the slack until he was asked about the Barkley comment. 

Before the Jazz-Rockets game on Wednesday, Barkley apologized for the comments while also making sure to say that he meant what he said.

The Barkley-Green feud will most likely live on because we'll never get to see these two battle it out on the court. That and the fact that Barkley isn't going to actually try to punch him.