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Charles Barkley Tried to Recruit Dirk Nowitzki to Auburn

Dirk Nowitzki is one of the NBA's top players, but he switched in his sneakers for cleats and a bat for the 2012 Heroes Celebrity Baseball Game in Frisco, Texas. The event featured a handful of noteable athletes outside of Nowitzki, including Vince Carter, Terrell Owens, Mike Modano and Daryl Johnston.

While the game was a good way to pass the offseason time for the NBA players, the highlight has to be Charles Barkley's account of playing Nowitzki in Germany. 

In addition to dropping some memorable quotes about playing Nowitzki ("Dude who the hell are you?"), Barkley recounted his "pitch" to steer him to Auburn.

Barkley also jokes about the reported $200,000 that was offered to former Auburn quarterback Cam Newton as a "good d@mn investment." 

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Needless to say, this video of Barkley dishing on Nowitzki in Germany, and hoping he would play for Auburn is another good one in Sir Charles' quotable library.