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Derrick Rose Is Awesome Again; Joakim Noah Renews Rivalry With The State of Ohio


The Eastern Conference hasn’t been the same without Derrick Rose. The Chicago Bulls, originally thought to be the top roadblock to LeBron James’ kingdom, couldn’t compete with James’ Miami Heat superteams without their killer point guard, who played only ten games over the past two seasons with knee injuries. James is back with the Cleveland Cavaliers now; the Bulls lost their shot at James' Miami squad.

But the would-be rivalry between Rose and the four-time MVP may still see its fiercest days yet.

This is what the basketball world thought last night, watching Rose explode in a 107-98 preseason loss against the Cavs in Columbus, Ohio. He started off cautiously, moving the ball through Chicago’s offense patiently, but attacked Cleveland’s defense relentlessly once he found its cracks, racking up 16 points in the second quarter and providing some breathtaking clips:

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Rose finished with 30 points on 12-of-18 shooting in 24 minutes — still likely well below the minutes he’ll play by midseason — along with three assists, five rebounds and zero turnovers. He was a marvel, and if he can reproduce this kind of effort with any consistency, the Bulls just might be the threat to the Cavaliers’ supremacy that the East is otherwise lacking.

The friction between these two teams is only increased by the biting words Joakim Noah had after the game, reminding Ohioans of his past criticisms of their land — including when he said that “Cleveland really sucks” in bringing up his NCAA triumph over Ohio State. The former University of Florida Gator had this to say when asked why he was booed by the fans in attendance: “Because we won the championship. And then we beat them in football. It's all good, though.”

Even though Cleveland won the exhibition, the Bulls still made a hell of an impression. Even lacking their best perimeter defender in Jimmy Butler, who was out with a sprained left thumb, they still looked like valiant fighters. Stay tuned for what might be the most exciting rivalry in the 2014-15 NBA season, which resumes with a Halloween special when Cleveland visits the Bulls.

— John Wilmes