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Draymond Green: "Watching ESPN Now is Like Watching a Controversial Reality TV Show"

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It's easy to get frustrated with the media. 

Draymond Green, for the most part, has had his fill ... well, at least when it comes to ESPN. The Warriors star recently expressed his frustration with the network and its ability to twist his words.

"Everybody's always chasing a headline and a controversy," Green told The Mercury News. "Watching ESPN now is like watching a controversial reality TV show. It's pretty pathethic that that's the headline everybody wants: Draymond's disappointed with who Cleveland plays. Think I care how Cleveland plays or how the other team plays? But I am a basketball fan and I know what I want to watch as a basketball fan, so I don't understand how these things are always made so controversial, not that it alters my daily life. I still go home and have fun with my kids. But it's just ridiculous that everybody's always searching for controversy."

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Some would say Green has a point because as of late the worldwide leader in sports has been showing fans things they may not be interested in. Recently ESPN has spent a lot of time talking about Tony Romo's transition to broadcasting as well as showing less game highlights and more debates.

Only time will tell if ESPN's new approach to sports will take more fans away from the media conglomerate, but Green seems well on his way.