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Dwyane Wade's Father Dons Cavaliers Gear

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A lot of people became Cleveland Cavaliers fans when Lebron came back to the team. However, one would think that Dwyane Wade’s father would be a passionate supporter of the Miami Heat, the team his son has spent his entire career with. The confusion comes about after Dwyane Wade Sr. sported a Cavaliers shirt while speaking at a Father’s Day church event.

For most players, this would seem simply like a really strange choice of attire for a father to wear. But for Dwyane Wade, this seems like some type of omen. Wade has been commonly linked to free agency rumors, including teaming up again with Lebron James in Cleveland, although limited cap room makes that unlikely. Every little instance adds to further speculation, so it will be interesting to see if there is any upcoming reason for why his father donned Cavs’ gear. 

Take a look below at what he wore:

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