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Game 1 Proves LeBron James Deserves the NBA MVP Every Year


How is LeBron James not the MVP every year?

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Steph Curry is probably one of the greatest shooters of all-time, like many have written over the last week, and a very deserving MVP winner. James Harden would have been totally acceptable as well.

But I don’t know how LeBron James isn’t the MVP of every court he’s ever stepped on. Maybe voters have developed a case of LeBron fatigue and they are just tired of giving it to the same guy.

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The depleted Cavaliers lost in overtime in Game 1 of the NBA Finals to Golden State. David Blatt and Steve Kerr watched as James isolated his way to a career Finals high 44 points. He added eight rebounds and six assists as well.

The Cavaliers are grossly overmatched as a team against the Warriors and the only reason they are even playing right now is James. The only reason Game 1 went to overtime is because of James. The only reason Cleveland has any chance whatsoever to even win a game in this series is James.

With the only other meaningful player on the active roster, Kyrie Irving, in serious doubt for the rest of the series, James will have to work minor miracles to win a championship. Just getting this series past Game 5 might prove he deserves the MVP every year.

Curry was average but effective, scoring 26 points on 20 shots in 43 minutes, and the Warriors still won the game. The Cavs can’t have an off game from James.

Michael Jordan didn’t win every MVP because voters just felt like they needed to acknowledge other great players but he was the real MVP. That’s not a knock on Charles Barkley or Karl Malone, Jordan was just that good.

This isn’t a knock on Curry, James is just that good and is clearly more valuable to his team than anyone else in the league.