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Golden State Runs Worst Play, Still Manages to Score 3 Points

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NBA players rarely get wide-open shots. Even less often they choose not to take them. In Game 1 of the NBA Finals, Golden State center Andrew Bogut did exactly that, confusing the commentators and the crowd. 

Following a steal, Steph Curry dribbled near the three point line, found an open Bogut running towards the hoop, and lobbed him a wide open pass for an easy alley-oop.  It looked as if Bogut would take the easy dunk and electrify the crowd.  However, whether if by design or not, Bogut dished out the pass mid-air towards an open Klay Thompson in the corner.

Thompson pumped a three-point attempt and missed, but Bogut rebounded the attempt and possibly had another open easy shot. However, committed to the three, Bogut once again found Thompson open for a long-range attempt. Luckily, Thompson hit this shot, which may have ultimately been the difference between winning and losing.  

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