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Gregg Popovich Says Zaza Pachulia Has a History as a Dirty Player


You don't want to be on Gregg Popovich's bad side. The Spurs coach is known for being blunt in his opinions.

Warriors big man Zaza Pachulia closed in on Kawhi Leonard during a corner shot in Game 1 of the Western Conference Finals, causing the Spurs star to exit the game shortly after. Pachulia's foot was under Leonard when it landed, resulting in a rolled ankle. It was the play heard around NBA Twitter for much of Sunday afternoon, especially since the Spurs ended up losing the game that many thought they had in the bag at one point.

On Monday Popovich made his stance clear on the matter, likening it to "manslaughter" in reference of intent, and pointing to Pachulia's history as a dirty player. 

Leonard is expected to miss Game 2 of the series due to the ankle injury he sustained.