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Kevin Love Quickly Signs Back With Cavaliers

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Well that was quick. Just days after opting out of a two-year contract with the Cleveland Cavaliers, Kevin Love has signed a five-year deal with them for $110 million. While the Cavaliers had hoped he would not have left the original deal, there seemed little belief that he was going to leave the team. Now that he’s back for 2015, the team will look to focus on resigning superstar Lebron James to a long deal as well.

Love certainly had his high moments during the season, although it was a bit up-and-down compared to what the team was hoping for. He went down with an injury as the Cavaliers were making their way through the playoffs, which proved to be detrimental. However, a healthy 2015-16 campaign would only seem to put the Cavaliers within striking distance of a championship.

Watch this hype video made for him before this past season:

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