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Kristine Leahy Says She Has Received Death Threats After LaVar Ball Controversy


The LaVar Ball saga continues. 

On Thursday's "The Herd" with Colin Cowherd and Kristine Leahy, the two discussed the aftermath of having Lonzo Ball's father on the show and the impact it had. After the two got into an odd and heated exchange about the Big Baller Brand, it's been ratings gold for FS1 but it comes with a price. According to Sporting News, Leahy has received death threats following her comments about Ball and how she may have played herself up to be a victim.

Many people forgot that Leahy went after Ball's parenting skills not too long before his appearance on the show.

Former NFL star Damien Woody even commented on the fact that Leahy may not be as innocent as she claims.

FS1 may not want to, but having Ball and Leahy go head-to-head again will only further prove the point that this is the kind of stuff that people want to see.