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LeBron James Breaks Social Media Silence to Come to Allie LaForce's Defense

LeBron James, Allie LaForce

LeBron James, Allie LaForce

News of Erin Popovich, wife of Spurs head coach Gregg, passing away shook up the NBA world.

Players, coaches and analysts all found out in their own way, but it was the way that one person found out that was the talk of the town. Immediately after the Cavaliers took down the Pacers in Game 2, LeBron James was asked by Allie LaForce about his thoughts on the matter. James, who is close with Popovich, answered as best as he could.

It was clear to many working in media that LaForce was given the order to ask that question by a producer, and at that point her hands are pretty much tied. She did, however, give James a heads up beforehand and Ernie Johnson wanted to make sure everyone knew that. 

James broke his playoff social media ban to record a video to give condolences and set the record straight that LaForce did mention it before they went live. 

Our thoughts are with the Popovich family during this difficult time.