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Mark Cuban and Chris Broussard Spat Over 'Sources'

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The DeAndre Jordan emoji-fest is over *happy emoji*.

The center is heading back to the Clippers. Mavericks owner Mark Cuban seems to be making peace with it.

Of course that's not where this story ends. The question of ESPN reporter Chris Broussard's "sources" came into play (as it so often does).

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Cuban's brother Brian wasn't buying what Broussard's sources were selling and posed a very good question. How could the reporter have known such detailed information? Of course this isn't the first time that people have been skeptical of Broussard's reporting.

The next morning, Cuban tweeted to Broussard with his opinion of the reporting he had done.  

"Sources" tell me that this is far from over. 

I was right. Later in the day Cuban fired back with this.

Finally Broussard responds, admitting he may have jumped the gun on the Cuban tweet.