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NBA 1991 Draft Revisited

1. Larry Johnson

F, Charlotte Hornets, UNLV

’91-96, Charlotte; ’96-01, New York

Career:  Multi-faceted offensive player won Rookie of the Year, signed the league’s biggest contract at the time, played in two All-Star games and starred in a series of popular “Grandmama” commercials for Converse. But back trouble robbed him of much of his explosiveness. Career averages of 16.2 points and 7.5 rebounds.

Now:  Completed his college degree, and started a bottled water company, Everlasting Spring Water, in Tennessee.

2. Kenny Anderson

G, New Jersey Nets, Georgia Tech

’91-96, New Jersey; ’96, Charlotte; ’96-98, Portland; ’98-02, Boston; ’02-03, Seattle; ’03, New Orleans; ’03-04, Indiana; ’04-05, Atlanta, L.A. Clippers

Career: Slick New York City playmaker never became a franchise player in the pros. His best statistical seasons came in New Jersey, and he made the All-Star team in 1994. Finished in the top 10 in assists four times. Played just 36 games in the playoffs, 16 in one postseason with Boston. 

Now: Lives in South Florida. Got his college degree, after blowing through $60 million in NBA earnings. Coaches the CBA’s Atlanta Krunk and runs the Kenny Anderson Basketball Academy out of several 24 Hour Fitness locations.

3. Billy Owens

F, Sacramento Kings, Syracuse

’91-94, Golden State; ’94-96, Miami; ’96-98, Sacramento; ’98-99, Seattle; ’99, Philadelphia; ’00, Golden State; ’00-01, Detroit

Career: Versatile and skilled, but injuries and inconsistency marked his NBA career. Held out into the regular season, and then was dealt for Mitch Richmond, in a deal the Warriors would like to have back. Averaged double-figure scoring in each of his first seven seasons, but was a part-timer and salary cap filler after that.

Now: Lives in Philadelphia.

4. Dikembe Mutombo

C, Denver Nuggets, Georgetown

’91-96, Denver; ’96-01, Atlanta; ’01-02, Philadelphia; ’02-03, New Jersey; ’03-04, New York; ’04-09, Houston

Career: A defensive force for well over a decade, he finished his career as the second-leading shot-blocker in history. Punctuated his blocks by waving his index finger. Eight-time All-Star. Four-time NBA Defensive Player of the Year. Career averages of 9.8 points, 10.3 rebounds and 2.8 blocked shots.

Now: One of the sport’s great humanitarians. His proudest achievement is the Biamba Marie Mutombo Hospital on the outskirts of his hometown Kinshasa in the Congo.

5. Steve Smith

G, Miami Heat, Michigan State

’91-94, Miami; ’94-99, Atlanta; ’99-01, Portland; ’01-03, San Antonio; ’03-04, New Orleans; ’04-05, Charlotte, Miami

Career: Made only one All-Star game, but was an asset for several solid squads, providing consistent scoring and quality ball-handling. Recognized as one of the NBA’s good guys, winning both the J. Walter Kennedy Citizenship Award and the Joe Dumars NBA Sportsmanship Award. Twice averaged over 20 points in a season.

Now: Serves as a studio analyst on NBA TV.

6. Doug Smith

F, Dallas Mavericks, Missouri

’91-95, Dallas; ’95-96, Boston

Career: Seemed to have all the physical tools, but couldn’t put them together. Averaged 10.4 points in his second season, but didn’t rebound as his size (6'10") would suggest. Selected by the Toronto Raptors in the expansion draft, but was released before playing a game.

Now: Lives in Missouri.

7. Luc Longley

C, Minnesota Timberwolves, New Mexico

’91-94, Minnesota; ’94-98, Chicago; ’98-00, Phoenix; ’00-01, New York

Career: Limited as a scorer and rebounder, but was a good passer for his position, and played a valuable role in the triangle offense during the latter part of the Bulls’ championship run. Won three rings. In 1996-97, the Bulls were 49–10 during his 59 starts. 

Now: Returned to Australia, where he runs a surf and dive charter vessel and is involved in marine conservation. Won an eBay auction to name a shrimp species.

8. Mark Macon

G, Denver Nuggets, Temple

’91-93, Denver; ’93-96, ’98-99, Detroit

Career: A prolific scorer in college, he struggled with his shot in the pros, converting just 38 percent of his field goals. Concentrated more on defense, but that alone ­couldn’t keep him in the league. He played overseas for several years before returning to become a collegiate assistant. 

Now: Head coach at Binghamton University.

9. Stacey Augmon

F, Atlanta Hawks, UNLV

’91-96, Atlanta; ’96, Detroit; ’97-01, Portland; ’01-04, Charlotte/New Orleans; ’04-06, Orlando

Career: Known as “Plastic Man,” the long-limbed defender spent most of his career as a rotation player, if never a star. Averaged double-digit scoring during his first five seasons, but never more than 5.8 after that. Played in 77 postseason games.

Now: Player development coach for the Denver Nuggets.

10. Brian Williams

C, Orlando Magic, Arizona

’91-93, Orlando; ’93-95, Denver; ’95-96, L.A. Clippers; ’96-97, Chicago; ’97-99, Detroit

Career: Late bloomer, he was a sub for the first four seasons of his career, before breaking out in his fifth, with averages of 15.8 points and 7.6 rebounds. Good defender and efficient shooter. Changed his name to Bison Dele. Walked away from basketball (and $35 million) while still in his prime.

Now: Died in 2002, after disappearing on a sailing vessel in the South Pacific Ocean. Authorities believe that he and his girlfriend were murdered by his brother, who later committed suicide.

11. Terrell Brandon

G, Cleveland Cavaliers, Oregon

’91-97, Cleveland; ’97-98, Milwaukee; ’98-02, Minnesota

Career: Two-time All-Star who was considered underrated by many peers. Finished in the top 10 in assists in three different seasons. Twice averaged better than 19 points per game. Finished his career with 87.3 percentage from foul line. Knee injuries, however, cut him down in his prime.

Now: Lives in Portland, where he owns a barbershop, clothing retail store and an apartment complex. He was recently the victim of an extortion attempt.

12. Greg Anthony

G, New York Knicks, UNLV

’91-95, New York; ’95-97, Vancouver; ’97-98, Seattle; ‘98-01, Portland; ’01-02, Chicago, Milwaukee

Career: Solid defender and passer whose shooting touch improved over time. Was a serviceable reserve for several good teams. Averaged 4.9 points and 2.4 assists as the primary backup to Derek Harper during the Knicks’ postseason run to the 1994 NBA Finals.

Now: After years at ESPN, he’s a college basketball analyst for CBS.

13. Dale Davis

F, Indiana Pacers, Clemson

’91-00, Indiana; ’00-04, Portland; ’04-05, Golden State, Indiana; ’05-07, Detroit

Career: Enforcer and rebounder had a productive professional run, playing in 137 playoff games. Made the All-Star team and reached the NBA Finals in his last full season with the Pacers. Career averages of 8.0 points and 7.9 rebounds.

Now: Founder of Pro Player Holdings, a private equity investment fund serving athletes, and co-owner of R&J Racing, which competes in NASCAR.

14. Rich King

C, Seattle SuperSonics, Nebraska

’91-95, Seattle

Career: Great size (7'2") but not enough skill. Played 40 games as a rookie, but only 32 thereafter. Scored 135 total points, and committed 62 fouls. Suffered many injuries, and had a total of six surgeries on his knee, back, foot and thumb.

Now: Licensed financial analyst, living in Washington state, and also working for Marquis Jet, a private aircraft company.

15. Anthony Avent

F, Atlanta Hawks, Seton Hall

’92-94, Milwaukee; ’94-95, Orlando; ’95-96, Vancouver; ’98-99, Utah; ’99-00, L.A. Clippers

Career: Traded on draft night. Like many in his draft class, his rookie season proved to be his best work, averaging 9.8 points and 6.2 rebounds while making 78 starts. Started only 78 games the rest of his career. While he was listed at 6'9", was never a prolific rebounder. Played overseas.

Now: Performed as the vocalist at 2010 NBA All-Star weekend in the NBA Legends Band with Terry Cummings, Thurl Bailey and Luther Wright.

16. Chris Gatling

F/C, Golden State Warriors, Old Dominion

’91-95, Golden State; ’96, Miami; ’96-97, Dallas; ’97-98, New Jersey; ’98-99, Milwaukee; ’99-00, Orlando, Denver; ’00-01, Cleveland; 01-02, Miami

Career:  Known for the plate in his head and the headband on it, he was an energetic bench player who could score. Averaged 10.3 points for his career, in just 19.7 minutes. Played in 700 games, starting only 86 of them. Led the NBA in field goal percentage in one season, and made the All-Star team in another. Never made it out of the first round of the playoffs.

Now: Lives in Phoenix.

17. Victor Alexander

F/C, Golden State Warriors, Iowa State

’91-95, Golden State; ’01-02, Detroit

Career: Burly with soft hands and a soft touch, but wasn’t well-rounded enough to make a big impact. Started 59 games in his second season and averaged 11.2 points. Played several years overseas, in Russia, Israel, Spain and Greece, and was a Euroleague first-teamer.

Now:  Lives in Michigan.

18. Kevin Brooks

F, Milwaukee Bucks, SW Louisiana

’91-94, Denver

Career: Part of a three-team trade on draft day. Averaged just 3.3 points in 126 NBA games. Played in Australia the entire decade of the 1990s. 

Now: Assistant coach of the Wollongong Hawks of the Australian National Basketball League.

19. LaBradford Smith

G, Washington Bullets, Louisville

’91-93, Washington; ’94, Sacramento

Career: Started 40 NBA games. Best known for scoring 37 against Michael Jordan in a game — and getting torched by Jordan for 36 in the first half (and 47 for the game) the next time they played. Jordan later admitted that he made up a story about Smith taunting him.

Now: Runs a basketball camp in Louisville.

20. John Turner

F, Houston Rockets, Phillips University ’91-92, Houston

Career: The transfer from Georgetown was a surprise first-round choice, and didn’t last long. Played in only 42 NBA games, and wasn’t heard from again.

Now:  Whereabouts unknown.

21. Eric Murdock

G, Utah Jazz, Providence ’91-92, Utah; ’92-95, Milwaukee; ’95-96, Vancouver; ’96-97, Denver; ’97-98, Miami; ’98-99, New Jersey; ’99-00, L.A. Clippers

Career: Quick guard with good hands who settled in as a backup after starting early for the Bucks. Played in 508 games, averaging 10.1 points and 4.9 assists. Made the playoffs only twice, once with the Jazz and once with the Heat, backing up John Stockton and Tim Hardaway, respectively.

Now: After spending time as an AAU basketball coach in New Jersey, he was named director of player development at Rutgers University.

22. LeRon Ellis

F/C, Los Angeles Clippers, Syracuse ’91-92, L.A. Clippers; ’93-94, Charlotte; ’95-96, Miami

Career: Highly regarded high school player who struggled at Syracuse after transferring from Kentucky. The son of solid former NBA player LeRoy Ellis did not have much success in the professional ranks. Played in only 91 games, starting two. Was a throw-in to the Heat in the big Alonzo Mourning trade.

Now:  Currently living in Glendale, Calif.

23. Stanley Roberts

C, Orlando Magic, LSU ’91-92, Orlando; ’92-97, L.A. Clippers; ’97-98, Minnesota; ’98-99, Houston; ’99-00, Philadelphia

Career: Gifted big man often outshined Shaquille O’Neal when both played at LSU. Averaged 10.4 points and 6.1 rebounds as a rookie. But injuries, weight problems and off-court issues derailed him. Banned from the league for violating the drug policy, then reinstated in 2003, but couldn’t stick.

Now: Car broker in Houston.

24. Rick Fox

F, Boston Celtics, North Carolina ’91-97, Boston; ’97-04, L.A. Lakers

Career: Outlasted everyone in his first-round class except Dikembe Mutombo. Versatile, reliable player who was never a prolific scorer or rebounder, but did enough well to start or contribute on solid squads. Won three championships with the Lakers, playing heavy minutes during two of the postseason runs. Career averages of 9.6 points and 2.8 assists.

Now: Actor who has appeared in many television shows and movies, including Tyler Perry’s “Meet the Browns,” “Oz” and “Ugly Betty.”  Married to Vanessa Williams from 1999-2004; dates Eliza Dushku.

25. Shaun Vandiver

F, Golden State Warriors, Colorado ’91, Golden State (un-signed, did not play)

Career: Bruising player with limited athleticism, he never got to test himself in the NBA. He couldn’t agree to a contract with Golden State and went to Europe instead. Played professionally there for nine seasons, mostly in Italy and Spain.

Now: This spring, he left his job as an assistant coach at the University of Wyoming for a similar position at Boise State.

26. Mark Randall

F, Chicago Bulls, Kansas ’91, Chicago; ’92 Minnesota; ’92-93, Detroit; ’93-95, Denver

Career:  Marginal player right from the start, with no standout NBA skill. Finished with career averages of 2.6 points and 1.3 rebounds. Bounced around in Europe and in the minor leagues before giving it up to go into the medical billing business.

Now: Lives in Colorado, running basketball camps and serving as community ambassador for the Denver Nuggets.

27. Pete Chilcutt

F, Sacramento Kings, North Carolina ’91-94, Sacramento; ’94, Detroit; ’94-96, Houston; ’96-99, Vancouver; ’99-00, Utah, Cleveland, L.A. Clippers

Career: Journeyman banger never averaged more than 21 minutes in a season, and started a total of only 55 games. But he stuck around a while, and won a championship with Houston, getting action in 20 games that postseason (1995), and making a good number of 3-point shots. 

Now: Teaches and coaches in Sacramento.