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21 Best NBA Cheerleader/Dance Team Instagram Pages

NBA Cheerleaders Instagram

NBA Cheerleaders Instagram

The 21 Best NBA Cheerleader/Dance Team Instagram Pages

Instagram has quickly evolved into one of the most popular social media platforms in the world. NBA cheerleaders/dancers have always been popular. Together, these two pop-culture icons make for the perfect match. Here to make your day just a little bit brighter are the top 21 NBA cheerleader/dance team Instagram pages for 2018.

— Written by Rob McVey, who is part of the Athlon Contributor Network. Follow him on Twitter @Rob_UTVOLS

21. Utah Jazz Dancers - 8,896 followers

The Utah Jazz Dancers' Instagram page features some outstanding content, but they could use more followers. Pay them a visit and help them out @utahjazzdancers

20. Portland BlazerDancers - 16k followers

 Rip City wouldn't be the same without the BlazerDancers. Check them out on Instagram @blazerdancers

19. Houston Rockets Power Dancers - 15k followers

Between James Harden, CP3, and the Power Dancers, there's no reason to ever leave your seat at a Rockets game. The clip above is just a small sampling. See more of the Rockets Power Dancers on instagram @officialrpd

18. New York Knicks City Dancers - 23.6k followers

The Knicks City Dancers have been tearing up the floor at Madison Square Garden for more than 20 years now. You can follow them on Instagram @knickscitydancers

17. New Orleans Pelicans Dance Team - 6,755 followers

The Pelicans Dance Team is just getting started on The Gram. But they are definitely off to a great start. Show them some love @pelicansdance

16. Minnesota Timberwolves Dancers - 9,468 followers

The Timberwolves Dancers are still trying to build a following on Instagram. Do yourself a favor by helping them out @wolvesdancers

15. Chicago Luvabulls - 45.6k followers

These ladies certainly live up to their name. Follow the Luvabulls on Instagram @chicagoluvabulls

14. Los Angeles Laker Girls - 77.1k followers

The Laker Girls are practically a national institution. That's as good a reason as any to check them out on Instagram @lakergirls

13. Philadelphia Sixers Dancers - 10.9k followers

The 76ers are finally back to playing winning basketball! The Sixers Dancers have been winning all along. Give them a follow @sixers_dancers on Instagram

12. OKC Thunder Girls - 29.7k followers

The video clip featured above makes it easy to understand why the Thunder Girls are building such a strong following on Instagram. You too can follow them @okcthundergirls

11. L.A. Clippers Spirit - 33.3k followers

The basketball team may be on the decline. But the @clippersspirit are on the rise!

10. Sacramento Kings Dancers - 16.6k followers

The clip above is just one example of some of the great content that can be found @kings_dancers Instagram page.

9. Washington Wizard Girls - 12.8k followers

The @wizardgirlsnba Instagram page doesn't have nearly the number of followers that it deserves. Be kind to yourself by clicking on the video above. Then, commence to giving them a follow.

8. Brooklynettes - 14.3k followers

What's the best thing about going to a Nets game of late? Easy answer: time outs and halftime. See why @brooklynettes

7. Cleveland Cavalier Girls - 61.5k followers

The Cavalier Girls are truly a sight to behold (just ask the really happy guy photobombing in the pic above). Check out their Instagram page @cavaliergirls

6. Spurs Silver Dancers - 36.8k followers

If the San Antonio Silver Dancers' Instagram page is any indication, halftime at a Spurs game must be a real treat. See for yourself @spurssilverdancers

5. Phoenix Suns Dancers - 22k followers

There's only one way to make up for having the worst record in the NBA this season - The Phoenix Suns Dancers. Pay them a visit @sunsdancers

4. Golden State Warriors Dance Team - 97.5k followers

By the looks of the above video, no one is going for a halftime snack at this Warriors' game. Wonder why? There's plenty more to see on the @gswdanceteam Instagram page.

3. Dallas Mavericks Dancers - 31.8k followers

The Mavs Dancers may not have the most followers or the highest post count. But their Instagram page more than makes up for it with quality content. Check them out @mavsdancers

2. Miami Heat Dancers - 80.6k followers

It isn't difficult to see why the Miami Heat Dancers have so many followers on Instagram. There's clearly no shortage of talent in South Beach. See more @miamiheatdancers on The Gram.

1. Charlotte Honey Bees - 32.9k followers

One quick scroll through their Instagram page, and you will clearly see why the Honey Bees are Instagram champions for 2018. See for yourself by visiting them @thehoneybees