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NBA Hoops Calendar of the Weird from the 2010 Season

We look back at the 2010 NBA season and pull out some of the more unusual, weird, funny and sad moments that occurred on certain dates. And yes, these are all real.

Aug. 2 — Former center Rony Seikaly, now billed on his website as “one of the most sought-after DJs in the world,” releases his first track on — the 7 1/2-minute progressive house beatfest, “Come With Me.”

Oct. 9 — It was only preseason, but no one had ever seen anything like the Nets comeback from seven points down in the last 12.5 seconds as they hit a trio of triples to beat the 76ers.

Oct. 11 — John Wall’s exhibition in an exhibition game against the Bucks includes two baskets, two assists and a steal in a 40-second span.

Oct. 25 — Lamar Odom sues the IRS for not allowing him to deduct $12,000 in league fines and $178,000 in fitness expenses.

Oct. 29 — After a Halloween-costumed kid litters the court with candy that had been given to him by the Hornets PA announcer during a timeout, J.R. Smith picks it up and eats it.

Oct. 31 — For the second straight game, the Heat hold the opposition starting forwards without a field goal.

Nov. 5 — In a paradoxical night for centers, Anderson Varejao, Marc Gasol and Emeka Okafor combine to sink 34 of 36 shots, while Brook Lopez misses his first 13 en route to laying a 3-for-17 egg.

Nov. 5 — A photo of a nude Phil Jackson drinking a beer during his playing days is displayed at a National Arts Club fete of Madison Square Garden photographer George Kalinsky.

Nov. 6 — Within a two-week span, the Magic have an exhibition game in Tampa cancelled because of a slippery court, a game in New York postponed due to falling debris and now lose Vince Carter to a hip injury when he falls on a slick floor in Charlotte.

Nov. 7 — Timberwolves rookie Nikola Pekovic stops to tie his shoe as the Rockets steam downcourt, leading to a breakout by Yao Ming, who is fouled by Michael Beasley, who then must be benched because it’s his third of the first half.

Nov. 10 — The Pacers miss only the last of their 21 shots (a 26-foot heave trying to beat the buzzer) in the third period versus Denver. Had they waited 24 hours, their 54 points would have been the most scored in one quarter in exactly 20 years to the day.

Nov. 10 — Cleveland’s bench outscores its starters, 52-41, in a win over the Nets.

Nov. 10 — Paul Millsap, who was 2-for-20 from 3-land in 326 career games at tipoff, makes all three of his long-range attempts in the last 28 seconds of regulation to force OT against Miami in a Jazz victory.

Nov. 10 — David Lee’s elbow becomes intimate with former teammate Wilson Chandler’s mouth, shattering four of the New York swingman’s teeth, with a fragment from one lodging in Lee’s arm.

Nov. 12 ­­— The Wizards ask their fans to stand until their club scores its first basket. Three minutes, 20 seconds and nine shots into the game, they are able to be seated.

Nov. 12 — With 31 rebounds against the Knicks, Kevin Love out-boards three entire teams that were in action this evening.

Nov. 15 – The Clippers (who lose to the Nets) trot out the youngest starting lineup in NBA history − one that averages 21 years, 143 days.

Nov. 17 – The Knicks put more field goals, 3-pointers, rebounds, assists and blocked shots (as well as fewer turnovers) in the boxscore than the Nuggets – but lose anyway.

Nov. 21 – The Pistons pull the plug on an in-game promotion involving their mascot and a frozen turkey giveaway because of drippage on the floor.

Nov. 22 – Three weeks after beating the 76ers, 116-115 in OT, the Wizards return the “favor,” 116-114 in OT.

Dec. 3 – The Lakers assemble a stretch of play during a 33-point blowout of the Kings during which 25 of their 30 field goals (compared to five for Sacto) are scored from the paint.

Dec. 9 – Assistant coach Mario Elie is the latest member of the Sacramento Kings organization to get pinched on a DUI charge, joining players Antoine Wright and Andres Nocioni, co-owner George Maloof and former head coach Eric Musselman in recent years.

Dec. 10 – Amare Stoudemire ties the Knicks record for consecutive 30-point games (seven) and for most turnovers in one game (11) on the same night.

Dec. 11 – Detroit scores 72 points in the first half, leads by 25 midway through the third quarter, holds a lead of 16 in the fourth and gets 23 points from Ben Wallace (his career high over 996 games), but loses to Toronto.

Dec. 12 – Nick Collison tallies only two points, but during the 20 minutes he’s on the court, Oklahoma City outscores Cleveland, 57-25.

Dec. 13 – Miami’s big three of Bron, Wade and Bosh combine to score exactly 75 points for the fourth consecutive game.

Dec. 15 – One month to the day after he misses the only free throw among the Thunder’s 34 attempts against Utah, James Harden (an 84% FT shooter in 2010-11) records the lone misfire in their 29 tries versus Houston.

Dec. 16 – Manu Ginobili scores the game-winning bucket and draws the game-saving charge in the final four seconds, one night after draining a winning jumper at the buzzer.

Dec. 17 – Five days after Nolan Carroll of the Miami Dolphins is tripped along the sidelines by a Jets coach in New York, LeBron James of the Miami Heat is tripped along the sidelines when he grazes the Knicks bench in New York.

Dec. 17 – The Suns intentionally foul Brendan Haywood three times late in the game. After he bricks five of six free throws, the Mavs replace him with Ian Mahinmi, who makes four straight.

Dec. 19 – On the same night 33-year-old Paul Pierce posts his first triple-double in 323 games, 38-year-old Grant Hill scores 30 for the first time in 359.

Dec. 22 – Boston Red Sox star David Ortiz is enlisted to help Celtics mascot Lucky with a dunk at halftime, but delays the stunt so he can capture it on his cell phone.

Dec. 25 – Derrick Rose, playing against the Knicks, misses 13 of his 18 shots inside 10 feet. Six are blocked, including four in the first quarter alone.

Dec. 28 – Tyreke Evans swishes a 3 from beyond halfcourt as the final buzzer sounds to stagger Memphis, 100-98.

Jan. 3 – Shaquille O’Neal carries Rajon Rondo, returning after a two-week injury, into the Celtics locker room and places him into a chair with the query, “Anything else King Rondo?”

Jan. 3 – On the same day Charlotte bricks a franchise-record 18 consecutive shots against Miami, the Sixers bench misfires on 32 of 40 in a defeat to New Orleans.

Jan. 7 – While New Jersey’s Sasha Vujacic is shooting 1-for-14 in Washington, the Pacers are shooting 1-for-15 in the fourth quarter in Indy.

Jan. 11 – The Timberwolves are assessed five technical fouls in 10 seconds, resulting in the ejection of coach Kurt Rambis and five made free throws by Manu Ginobili.

Jan. 12 – Although they are outscored in the paint, 70-42, Oklahoma City slides by Houston, 118-112.

Jan. 15 – To promote Derrick Rose for the All-Star Game, the Bulls PR staff places roses at each member of the media’s work space.

Jan. 18 – Only four teams are in action, and three of them – the Bulls, Hawks and Heat – combine to miss 60 of 74 three-point attempts.

Jan. 19 – Tyreke Evans scores 16 points, goes 0-for-2 from the arc, takes four free throws, pulls down five rebounds, makes three steals and blocks one shot for the second game in a row.

Jan. 23 – Carmelo Anthony, who had never sunk more than five 3-pointers in any of his previous 549 games, throws down six in a span of nine minutes, 28 seconds in the third quarter against Indiana.

Jan. 24 – Wizards rookie Kevin Seraphin unknowingly begins the game with his shorts on backwards, and must do the ol’ switcheroo at the bench while shielded by teammates.

Jan. 27 – Dwayne Wade begins the fourth quarter on a run of 13 consecutive shots made, then misses his last seven in a loss to New York.

Jan. 27 – Fans elect Yao Ming, whose season ended on November 10, to start the All-Star Game.

Feb. 1 – Kevin Martin goes 10-for-11 from the stripe, while the rest of his Rockets teammates go 0-for-0.

Feb. 7 – The Nuggets lose to Houston as Carmelo Anthony’s 50-point game is garnished by zero assists.

Feb. 9 – Traditional non-scorers Randy Foye, DeJuan Blair and J.J. Barea each far exceed their season PPGs in the fourth quarter alone, with 17, 16 and 15 points, respectively.

Feb. 10 – Traditional non-scorer Aaron Afflalo throws in 19 points in the fourth quarter, including a buzzer-beating 3.

Feb. 11 − Traditional non-scorer Dahntay Jones tallies all 19 of his points in the fourth quarter.

Feb. 11 – To end Cleveland’s NBA-record 26-game losing streak, the Clippers find it necessary to have every one of the players post a negative plus/minus.

Feb. 12 – The visiting team wins all eight games on the schedule – an NBA first.

Feb. 12 – Under Wally Szczerbiak’s talking head − where his name is intended to appear as he is commentating on CBS’ Inside College Basketball Show − appears the graphic, “RANDOM DUDE/Guest Info Here.”

Feb. 19 – A Miami player wins the 3-point shootout for the third time in the last five years.

Feb. 22 – On a night when Gerald Wallace is the first Bobcat ever to score 20 points while taking as few as six shots, Heat teammates LeBron James and Dwyane Wade score 54 points without making a free throw.

Feb. 26 – Utah loses to Detroit despite assisting on 84.1% of its field goals and connecting on 59.5% of its attempts.

Mar. 2 – Troy Murphy reveals that he is a licensed spray-tanner, and is now accepting clients at his home facility.

Mar. 2 – A 14-0 lead to start the game is insufficient for the Bulls, who fall to the Hawks.

Mar. 3 – Down by 24 in the third quarter, the Magic use a 40-9 run to beat the Heat.

Mar. 4 – Corey Brewer commits five fouls in his five-minute stint and characterizes his Dallas debut as “a little bit too aggressive.”

Mar. 6 – Miami misses its 12th and 13th consecutive field goal attempt that would have tied the game or put them ahead in the final 10 seconds of regulation.

Mar. 12 – Dwyane Wade blocks four Memphis shots in 55 seconds.

Mar. 12 – Mike Bibby sinks his 12th bucket since joining Miami – every one of them a trifecta.

Mar. 12 – In the most pathetically arrogant legal transgression of the season, Hawks nobody Josh Powell is arrested after refusing to move his vehicle to clear the way for an approaching ambulance.

Mar. 14 – Ten days after the Spurs toast the Heat by 30 points in San Antonio, the Heat toast the Spurs by 30 in Miami.

Mar. 14 – On the same night that Samuel Dalembert sets a record for most games played (644) prior to scoring 25 points for the first time, Chuck Hayes logs his first 20-point performance in his 410th outing.

Mar. 17 – The Cavaliers, the only team not to lose a game by 20 points in 2010-11, do so for the 11th time in 2011-12 – just 10 fewer than all seven seasons of the LeBron James era combined.

Mar. 23 – The Eastern Conference-leading Celtics are upset for the second time in two weeks despite no opposing player scoring as many as 15 points in the game.

Mar. 27 – Miami defeats Houston, 125-119, which is the exact same score as their game of December 29.

Apr. 1 – The Pistons retire Dennis Rodman’s jersey – on April Fool’s Day.

Apr. 5 – Orlando beats Milwaukee despite misfiring on 18 consecutive downtowners.

Apr. 8 – Nene bags all five of his field goal attempts but none of his eight free throws for the biggest charity “oh-fer” ever by a player who was perfect from the floor.

Apr. 11 – Von Wafer soars for a wide-open dunk then, not realizing he missed it, turns to the crowd and strikes a look-at-me pose while crashing into teammate Jermaine O’Neal and causing him to double-dribble.

Apr. 25 – Andre Miller hits his fourth 3-pointer in the first five games of the postseason, equaling his regular-season total.

May 8 – In completing their upset sweep of the Lakers, the Mavericks get as many points from their bench (86) as do the vanquished from their entire team.