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Nick “Grandpa Swaggy” Young Wins NBA Media Day


NBA Media Days are all about talking the talk and looking the part. The day’s cliches about added muscle, renewed focus and championship aspirations have become as predictable as the four seasons. We’ve even got Media Day Bingo to guide us through these tropes:

So when character rears it head on the eve of training camp, it shines through all these dull gestures. Nick Young, a Los Angeles native and happy Lakers returnee — his new deal is worth about $21 million over four years — knows as much about this pomp as anyone. He’s a true showman.

“I’m a star,” he said, chuckling at media day. “Swaggy P” stole the show at the Lakers season-opening presser, smiling a mile a minute as he riffed hilarious lines like: “Kobe practiced with me, I didn’t practice with him… I was showing Kobe the ropes this summer.”

He went on to say that the team’s new rookies (Jordan Clarkson and Julius Randle) must call him “Daddy Swag,” “Uncle Swag,” and eventually "Grandpa Swaggy." Young also said he taught new Lakers coach Byron Scott all about team defense over Swaggy’s “summer of enlightenment”—“we need some guys to be in the back, just in case I get blown by,” he jested.

Scott hasn't replied with any of his own jokes, but Kobe certainly has. Here he makes sure we remember who stands in whose shadow in Young's relationship with Australian pop star Iggy Azalea:

Young’s loose, fun confidence has long been a staple of both his personality and his game. Swaggy was a silver lining to last year’s ugly 27-55 Lakers campaign — he blossomed into one of the best hot-handed scorers in the league, averaging 17.9 points per game, a career high. So when he proclaims that he’ll be fighting for both the MVP and Sixth Man awards in this interview, he’s only halfway kidding.

A super-sub version of Young would be an asset to any contender. Swaggy P is a telling personality for the new tone of Lakers-dom. Written off in past seasons for his inefficient, irrationally confident playing style, Young has consistently shrugged the skepticism aside and kept his moxie. No one expects these rag-tag Lakers to be competitive in a loaded Western Conference, but being the underdog suits Young, Kobe Bryant (who spoke of his inner “rage” at media day) and the rest of the new-look Lakers.

Let the year of the Swaggy begin.

— John Wilmes