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Ohio State WR Coach Calls Out Lonzo and Lavar Ball For Stealing Logo


Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, but not when it comes to a logo design.

NBA prospect Lonzo Ball unveiled his ZO2 signature shoe yesterday and the logo looked familiar to some college football fans. Many began drawing a comparison between Ball's logo and Ohio State WR coach Zach Smith's Zone 6 logo. 

After a while, the Buckeyes coach couldn't remain silent any longer and began to come after Lavar and Lonzo Ball for ripping off his design.

Smith even went so far as to change his bio to reflect the fact that he came up with "Lorenzo Ball's" logo. Savage.

Smith is clearly heated and began going after the Ball family patriarch, Lavar, directly.

Smith is upset but there's no denying the logos are similar so one could understand his frustration.