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Online Commenters Explain What’s Wrong with LeBron James


You’ve heard from every TV analyst, newspaper columnist and blogger about what’s wrong with LeBron James. Now it’s time to go to the true experts, the guys who aren’t afraid to keep it real: online commenters. These opinions aren’t held back by editors, sponsors or spell check. So let’s cut straight to the truth with 19 comments explaining exactly why LeBron James is struggling in the Finals.

1. He needs to be more like JJ Barea.

2. He’s not trying hard enough in the 4th quarter

3. His teammates aren’t good enough

4. He’s thinking about all of the money he left in Ohio

5. Garbage is better at basketball than he is

6. He wears ugly ties

7. Maybe his Bosh is sore?

8. Someone get Delonte on the phone

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9. He’s “poting” again

10. He lacks proper change

11. His teammates have noodles for fingers

12. His teammates are too good

13. He needs to cut down on the “travelness”

14. He fell asleep during the game

15. Doesn’t even matter if he wins, it won’t count anyway

16. He’s only struggling because the Finals are fixed

17. Seriously, the “referis” have it in for his team

18. Youthful racism

19. And of course, ad hominem