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Phil Jackson Says LeBron James Travels All the Time

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Phil Jackson doesn't coach anymore but that doesn't mean he's at a lost for words when it comes to the game. 

During an interview with Bleacher Report's Howard Beck, the Knicks president talks about how the game has changed, and it's not all for the better. Jackson says it's drifted away from being a team sport. 

"Four guys stand around watching one guy dribble a basketball," Jackson said.

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He then comes after one of the best players in the NBA right now.

"I watch LeBron James, for example," Jackson said. "He might [travel] every other time he catches the basketball if he's off the ball. He catches the ball, moves both his feet. You see it happen all the time. There's no structure, there's no disciple, there's no 'How do we play this game' type of attitude. And it goes all the way through the game. To the poing where not guys don't screen—they push off guys with their hands."

Jackson has never been one to shy away from issuing public comments on the game or its players.

Not so zen for someone with the nickname "The Zen Master."