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Phil Jackson sends video letter to Knicks ticket holders


It’s been a historically bad year for the New York Knicks. At 14-60, they’re the worst team in the NBA, with little sight of Carmelo Anthony or any other recognizable star at Madison Square Garden for months.

Maybe that’s a good thing, though. Team executive Phil Jackson is hoping season ticket holders can believe so, anyway.

In a recent video letter from Jackson to the Knicks’ customers, he made sure to mention that the Knicks, for the first time in a long time, will have a top pick in June’s draft, and enough cap space to lure a big-name free agent. The bottoming out of 2014-15, unsightly as its been, is laden with silver linings; this is what it takes to move on from the bloated mistakes of years past, goes the argument.

"We have a clear plan and expect our efforts to take really take shape as we enter the 2015 draft and free agency in the months ahead," Jackson said in the video, as reported by ESPN’s Ian Begley. "I ask that you remain optimistic and hope you will join us on our continued journey as we build a team that once again reflects the spirit of being a New York Knick.”

Of course, “the spirit of being a New York Knick” hasn’t meant anything too honorable for the better part of the young century. Skeptics of the team and Jackson’s vision for the future will be quick to note that large salary offers and the glitz of Manhattan have only done so much to build title-worthy teams in years past, and that young talent hasn’t blossomed in New York, either.

Jackson, of course, has nothing to do with those sorry old campaigns — only his own, inaugural folly of the 2014-15 season. He deserves fair judgment, to be sure, but the chips are stacked way against the Zen Master as he strives to break the Knicks’ curse.

— John Wilmes


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