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Ray Allen Responds to Celtics' "Area 21" Reunion Without Him

Celtics Pierce Garnett Allen.jpg

The former Celtics' Big 3 are still not on speaking terms after Ray Allen's departure to the Miami Heat after falling to them in 2012.

On Kevin Garnett'sArea 21 show, the Celtics 2008 championship team, including Paul Pierce, Rajon Rondo, Kendrick Perkins, and Glen "Big Baby" Davis, reunited and chatted about their former teammate's departure. They did not invite Allen to the show and claimed to be blindsided in 2012 by him signing with their rival at the time, LeBron James and the Heat.

Allen undoubtedly saw the show and what each guy had to say about him, but decided to respond with a simple Facebook post.

It's been years since the "betrayal" happened but as the Celtics said they're waiting for Allen to make the first move.