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Sacramento Kings and Denver Nuggets Collaborate on Hilarious Triple-Flop


If you’ve never seen the end of William Shakespeare’s Hamlet, in which nearly all of the characters die at once, here’s DeMarcus Cousins, Kenneth Faried and Rudy Gay performing it for you amidst the Sacramento Kings' 110-105 victory over the Denver Nuggets:

Three men never feigned their fall so hilariously on a basketball court. Well, okay, let’s not forget about Lance Stephenson’s playoff-intensity flop from last spring:

And the trio of Gay, Faried and Cousins even had some competition down south on the same night. Watch Boston Celtics rookie Marcus Smart show his theatrical stuff against the Mavericks in Dallas:

It’s nice to see the NBA’s players are doing everything they can to win games — even if it means delving into a little deception of the referees.

Cousins and Gay, though, haven’t had to resort to too many dirty tactics to collect victories so far in 2014-15. The oft-maligned Kings duo has propelled the team to an unlikely 3-1 start, aided by a surging Darren Collison at point guard, who the Kings enticed to Sacramento after a stellar job backing up Chris Paul with the Los Angeles Clippers last year — a stint that included a heroic, unforgettable performance against the Oklahoma City Thunder in the postseason.

Collison, like much of his roster, is an afterthought to a lot of the game’s followers. Between his overlooked skills and the frequent character assassinations of Cousins, analytical takedowns of Gay’s inefficient game and the Kings nearly relocating to Seattle a year and a half ago — before a final political push by Sacramento mayor Kevin Johnson — this has become a team on a mission to throw success in the faces of their skeptics. And the quest for redemption (coupled with the unstoppable post play of dark horse MVP candidate Cousins) has made them a compelling underdog to watch in this young NBA season.

See if the Kings can keep it up as they host the Nuggets in a rubber match tonight, at 10:00 PM ET in the Sleep Train Arena.

— John Wilmes