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Ty Lawson Arrested for Suspicion of Another DUI

Screen Shot 2015-07-14 at 3.03.15 PM.png

Perhaps Lawless might be a better name. As Denver Nuggets’ point guard Ty Lawson seemed to be destined for a trade during the offseason, he was just arrested last night for allegedly driving under the influence. Off-the-court issues are nothing new to Lawson, who was arrested in January for an alleged DUI. In addition, he had a prior DUI, an alleged case of domestic violence, and another vehicle charge.

Now with this suspicion of DUI, it looks as if Lawson has lost much of his trade value. The Nuggets drafted Emmanuel Mudiay, a point guard, with the 7th pick in this year's NBA Draft. He looks to be the future point guard for the team, meaning a role for Lawson might not exist anymore.  It'll be interesting to see if any team wants him now.

See Ty Lawson in action below: