Michael Jordan Engaged to Cuban Model Yvette Prieto (Photos)

The greatest basketball player of all time is now the greatest engaged basketball player of all time

Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player who's ever lived. And now he's the greatest basketball player who's ever lived who is also engaged to Cuban model Yvette Prieto.

Jordan and Prieto have been dating since sometime in 2009. He first made their relationship known to the world at the All-Star game of that year.

Not a ton is known about her, except a few of these fun facts:

- Yvette Prieto got her start by modeling by doing bikini and fashion shoots and commercials.

- Prieto is 33 years old.

- Yvette is Cuban-American.

- Apparently just three years ago Yvette was reportedly dating Julio Iglesies Jr. and was happily in that relationship. According to Hola! Magazine's translation:

We've been dating for a year. While I can count on my fingers the girls I have dated seriously, Yvette is the third and the third time's the charm. She's a fantastic girl and I like her, apart from her beauty that's obvious, she is loving and easy-going. How good it is.

I guess if you're Julio Iglesies Jr, losing your girlfriend to Michael Jordan would hurt, but yuou'd also kind of understand. He's Michael Jordan.

Not much else is known about her, and even less is known about her relationship with Air Jordan, one of the most private men in all of sports.

The 6-time NBA champ's divorce, which was finalized in 2006 cost Jordan a reported $150 million, the details of which he kept under wraps about as well as you possibly could given this day and age of paparazzi and focus on celebrities.

There aren't a lot of photos of Prieto out there, but here's a quick gallery:

How a man who recently lost $150 million in a divorce can go back to the well so quickly (no matter how hot she is) must speak to how smitten Jordan is with the mysterious Yvette Prieto. Or maybe when you have somewhere in the vicinity of a billion dollars, losing a cool hundred and fifty million isn't that big of a deal.

We're guessing more photos of Yvette Prieto will come out as more people investigate her past, and we'll add the best ones here when they surface.

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