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1 More NFL Team Was Reportedly Trying To Trade For Christian McCaffrey

The San Francisco 49ers weren't the only team from the NFC West trying to acquire Christian McCaffrey from the Panthers. 

Per multiple reports, the Los Angeles Rams were also involved in trade discussions for the 26-year-old All-Pro running back. 

However, the Rams' offer clearly didn't meet what the Panthers were looking for. 

Los Angeles wasn't offering a first-rounder. The Rams' offered deal reportedly consisted of a second, future third and possibly a player. That doesn't exactly match up with the 49ers' accepted offer that features four draft picks. 

"- There were no first-rounders on the table between two teams w most interest (49ers, Rams) despite Panthers high ask - Rams may have done a second, future third…maybe a player…weren’t going to get into a back and forth to inflate terms past what they felt reasonable," said Jourdan Rodrigue. 

This is an all-in move by the 49ers, similar to ones the Rams have made in past years. Now, the NFC West franchise has its sights set on a Super Bowl. 

A backfield consisting of Deebo Samuel and Christian McCaffrey is going to be a nightmare for opposing defenses.