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1 NFL Head Coach Received A Call From Donald Trump This Season

Donald Trump

Donald Trump

Just recently, former President Donald Trump said that he called an NFL head coach to congratulate him after a win this season. The head coach he mentioned is Robert Saleh of the New York Jets. 

This Thursday afternoon, Saleh confirmed that he did indeed receive a call from Trump after a big Jets win this season. 

Trump told Saleh that he's even "better than Vince Lombardi," per Saleh. 

"#Jets HC Robert Saleh confirmed that he received a call from former President Donald Trump congratulating him for #Browns win, ‘it was pretty surreal’ + Trump said he’s better than Vince Lombardi, Saleh laughed ‘hopefully we can cash in on that one day,'" said Saleh. 

Regardless of political affiliation, Robert Saleh thinks it's pretty surreal he received a call from a former U.S. president. 

“Love him or hate him — and I’m not a politician, I’m a football coach — taking a call from a current or former president is pretty cool," he said. "...It was surprising. If you would have told 20-year-old me that one day I would get a call from a president of the United States congratulating us on a win as an NFL head coach … it’s pretty surreal.”

Well done, coach Saleh. 

Hopefully you get a few more calls from Trump this season.