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10 Things Journalists Should Avoid When Michael Vick Goes to the Dawg Pound


As Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick heads to the Cleveland Browns' "Dawg Pound" on Sunday in Week 1, journalist should watch what they write and say. Here's our quick list of 10 things writers should avoid before covering the game.

Headlines to Avoid 

1. “Vick Electrifies Dawg Pound”

2. “Vick Shows Killer Instinct at Dawg Pound”

3. “Vick Bad Newz for Dawg Pound”

Words to Avoid

4. “Slaughter”

5. “Maul”

6. “Dogfight”

7. "Beat"

8. "Whipped"

Subjects to Avoid

9. Michael Vick’s dogfighting conviction

10. The Cleveland Browns’ chances in 2012

Topic of Conversation That Might Actually Work Better

• Art Modell’s death